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    All About Friedman's Appliance

    Last updated 2 days 9 hours ago

    The modern homeowner depends on dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and other home appliances to make daily life more convenient. Friedmans Appliance understands how important dependable and durable appliances are, and we test all the appliances we sell to Bay Area residents.

    Our inventory consists of more than 2,000 home appliances from 80 reputable home appliance manufacturers. As an authorized dealer for every manufacturer represented in our inventory, we are very familiar with the products we sell and install. Our know-how, the integrity of our products, and our penchant for superior customer service set us apart from other appliance dealers.

    Since 1922, Friedmans Appliance has carefully selected and sold home appliances to tens of thousands of Bay Area homeowners. If you’re in the market for a high-quality home appliance, and you live in the Bay Area, consider visiting the Friedman’s Appliance showroom in Concord. In the meantime, visit our website to browse our inventory and call (925) 265-8402 for answers to any questions you may have.

    Comparing Different Styles of Refrigerators

    Last updated 8 days ago

    If your refrigerator is on its way out and the time has come to buy new one, you may be in for a treat. Developments in refrigeration technology have shaken up the appliance industry, and today’s selection of refrigerators is better than ever. The most popular refrigerator design styles include the following.

    Freezer on Top

    Conventional and appropriate for most kitchens, refrigerators with freezers on top tend to be the most cost-effective models available. Though useful and affordable, this style of fridge tends to have a run-of-the-mill appearance. Also, most people who use this type of fridge have to bend over or squat when fetching non-frozen goods.

    Freezer on Bottom

    An inversion of the freezer on top model, a refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom makes refrigerated goods more accessible. The flip-side is that frozen goods can be difficult to get at, since the handle of the freezer compartment is rarely higher than 20 or so inches above the ground.

    Side-by-Side Freezer and Fridge

    The perfect refrigeration system for narrow kitchens, side-by-side refrigerators are all about space efficiency. In addition to requiring little clearance space for opening doors, this style of fridge generally contains drawers and shelves that make it easy to use all of your refrigeration space while keeping it organized. It also offers the advantage of storing frequently used refrigerated and frozen goods at an ideal height. If you like the idea of having narrow refrigerator doors, but would prefer to have wide shelves and storage drawers in your fridge, consider a French-door style model.

    With an extensive inventory of home appliances, Friedmans Appliance is the first place a Concord homeowner should look for a new kitchen refrigerator. To inquire about the energy-efficient models in our inventory, including appliances from reputable manufacturers such as Marvel and Sub-Zero, call (925) 265-8402. If you would like to see any of these models in person, visit our Concord showroom.

    Tips for Choosing a New Dishwasher

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Few appliances simplify household cleaning duties as much as the dishwasher. Improvements in dishwasher technology have made dishwashing even easier and less time-consuming than dishwashers from ten years ago. New dishwashers rarely require dishes to be pre-washed or even rinsed beforehand, and are often equipped with all kinds of cool features. If you are in the market for a new dishwasher, and want to ensure that the appliance you choose is right for your household, consider the following factors during your search.

    Consider Capacity

    How much dishware does your household go through each day? How frequently would you like to run your dishwasher? The answers to these questions can help you determine how large your new dishwasher should be and whether it should have three tiers or just two.

    Look at Energy Efficiency

    Eco-conscious homeowners will be happy to learn that most modern dishwashers require less water than just about any handwashing technique. Models equipped with stainless steel washing arms and “clean load” sensors are especially efficient. Many newer models also use relatively little electricity. Do your research and choose a dishwasher that will help you feel good about your carbon footprint.

    Determine Long-Run Cost

    In the interest of financial planning, it is important to choose a dishwasher that works with your budget. When deciding how much you can afford to spend on a new appliance, however, keep in mind its durability, efficiency and energy costs. A dishwasher that may only last five years is not worth more than half as much as a reputable dishwasher that comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Featuring the latest in dishwashing technology from Viking, General Electric, and Bosch, Friedmans Appliance in Concord is an excellent place to shop for a new dishwasher. To explore the dishwashers and other kitchen appliances in our inventory, visit our Concord showroom at a time that is convenient for you. If you have questions about any of the appliances in our online catalog, call (925) 265-8402.


    How to Grill the Perfect Burger

    Last updated 23 days ago

    Have you recently returned from your favorite home appliance store with a brand new grill? If you are looking to celebrate your new investment by cooking up some mean burgers, check out this brief video for some helpful tips.

    Chef Michael Ollier of Certified Angus Beef demonstrates how to bring out the flavor in a high-quality ground beef patty. A little bit of salt and pepper is all you really need. For the best results, avoid poking, piercing, or prodding the burgers while they are cooking. Use a spatula so you don’t have to tamper much with the beef, and do not apply pressure to the burger.

    Preparing the perfect burger is easy when you have a state-of-the-art cooktop. Call Friedman's Appliance at (925) 265-8402 or visit our Concord showroom for a look at the best cooking and grilling appliances.

    Conserving Energy by Improving Your Refrigerator's Performance

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The refrigerator is one of those home appliances that few homeowners think about. Most people expect their refrigerator to function without any need for maintenance or repairs. However, all refrigerators lose their energy efficiency over time. For help maximizing your refrigerator’s energy efficiency, consider the following tips.    

    Keep Your Refrigerator Full

    Maintaining a well-stocked refrigerator is great for keeping your family well fed. It’s also great for helping your refrigerator operate efficiently. Cold items tend to keep each other cold, and storing plenty of items inside your refrigerator will help reduce the amount of pressure on your appliance’s cooling mechanism. If you don’t have enough food to fill your fridge, consider storing pitchers of cold water.

    Clean the Condenser Coil

    Your refrigerator’s condenser coil is responsible for supplying your fridge with fresh air. If the condenser gets too dirty, it can negatively affect your refrigerator’s efficiency. Removing dust and debris from the rear of your fridge can help you save money on energy. It’s also a good idea to pull your fridge one or two inches from the wall so your condenser can draw in more fresh air.

    Keep the Door Closed

    Your refrigerator should operate efficiently as long as the door remains closed. To save energy, think about what you want to get out of your fridge before opening the door. It’s also a good idea to check the seals occasionally to ensure that they’re keeping cool air in. 

    Purchase a New Refrigerator

    If your refrigerator is more than 15 or 20 years, it’s probably time to get a new one. Refrigerators have come a long way in recent years, and today’s Energy Star qualified models are much more efficient than refrigerators made 20 years.

    For help determining which refrigerator is best for your needs, come by Friedmans Appliance of Pleasant Hill. Our appliance store also serves residents of Walnut Creek and Concord. Call (925) 265-8402 or visit our website to learn all about our refrigerators, BBQs, and other appliances. 

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