Blog Posts in March, 2014

Red Tag Appliance Sale!

Red Tag Sale THIS WEEKEND! You don't want to miss these delicious food demos!!
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Tips for Finding the Perfect Refrigerator

Are you having trouble finding a refrigerator that suits your needs? First, decide on the opening size. The standard opening is about 36 inches, but you should measure the space just in case. Next, ...
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GE's Professional Gas Ranges

There are a number of benefits of using a gas-powered range rather than one powered by electricity. Gas cooktops heat up and cool down much faster than electric ranges, and they are less expensive to ...
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French Door Refrigerators That Can Add Style to Your Kitchen

A French door refrigerator is much more than just sleek and stylish. With its multi-door setup and convenient layout of frozen and non-frozen foods, the French door refrigerator is user-friendly and ...
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