Friedmans Appliance Return Policy


Have you read Friedmans Appliances' competitive return policy? There are three general categories of products that can be returned: damaged shipments, defective merchandise, and items that do not meet your needs.

If there is damage to your appliance during delivery, call our customer service representatives right away. To ensure that the product was not damaged during delivery, simply inspect the appliance before signing. If you notice it is damaged, refuse the appliance and call our number.

If your home appliance does not work or simply does not meet your needs for whatever reason, please call customer service within 48 hours of purchase. Most home appliances at Friedmans include a one-year warranty, so if your home appliance stops working after the first use, contact the manufacturer at the number provided in your product's literature. Some brands even supply electronic copies online.

Please note that we do not accept returns on clearance appliances, such as with our recent Red Tag Clearance Sale. If you wish to return your product, please contact your friendly Concord home appliance store at (925) 265-8402. We’ll be happy to accommodate your request as best we can!