A Quick Look at Ductless Range Hoods

Ventilation is essential when it comes to cooking in an enclosed space, meaning that the average home’s kitchen requires a well-functioning range hood. There are several factors to consider when choosing a range hood, for example, speed, noisiness, and extra features. Also, many of the household range hoods that you would find at your local appliance store fall into 1 of 2 categories: ducted or ductless. Continue reading for a quick introduction to ductless range hoods.

The most notable difference when comparing a ductless hood to a ducted one is that, instead of venting to the outside like a ducted one, ductless hoods filter the air and recirculate it into the room. Ductless hoods need to have their filters cleaned or replaced consistently. However, they tend to be easier to install than ductless ones because they do not need any external ductwork.

Friedmans Appliance carries a wide selection of both ducted and ductless hoods for ranges in Pleasant Hill. To learn more about our appliance store’s products, give us a call today at (925) 808-2950.

Cleaning Smarter with a Steam Cycle Washer

The washers of today offer incredible convenience for families, making laundry a quick and easy task. However, there may be an even smarter way for you to wash your clothing. If you’re planning to visit an appliance store to pick up a new washer, then keep reading to learn about the benefits of choosing one with a steam cycle.

Clean More Thoroughly

Today, some newer washer models include a steam cycle feature. When you use the steam cycle, the washer will produce hot water vapor much like a garment steamer does. The hot temperature of the steam cycle can allow you to give your clothing a deeper clean. Steam cycles offer you several benefits like this, however, be mindful of using this feature on materials that can shrink, such as cotton and wool.

Iron Less Often

While it’s a wonderful thing to have a washer that cleans your clothing quickly and effectively, these benefits can be easily overlooked when you end up having to iron many of your garments. If find yourself ironing your clean clothing more often than you’d like, then you might benefit from choosing a washer with a steam cycle. As the appliance releases the hot water vapor, this process helps the fibers in the clothing relax, easily smoothing away many wrinkles.

Kill More Germs

One benefit of choosing a washer with a steam cycle is that you can wash your clothing at a higher temperature. With the arrival of flu season, this can be particularly beneficial, allowing you to kill more bacteria and viruses that may be lurking on the bedding of a family member who has been sick. Lastly, besides sanitizing your garments and linens, a washer’s steam cycle may also help reduce the number of allergens in your laundry.

Friedmans Appliance offers a broad range of steam cycle washers in Pleasant Hill. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call our home appliance store at (925) 808-2950.

Quick Fixes for Your Grilling Blunders

Whether they prefer to use a gas, charcoal, or electric grill, even experienced backyard cooks can make mistakes now and then. Watch this video for some quick fixes to common grilling blunders.

Some people make the mistake of pulling chicken off the grill too soon when the outside starts to look dry. To correct this problem, grill the chicken longer or cook it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 400ºF. To prevent this mistake, you can use a thermometer to take the chicken’s internal temperature, which needs to reach at least 165ºF, and cook the meat for a longer amount of time over a lower flame.

If you’re gearing up to host some backyard barbecues this season, then be sure to stop by Friedmans Appliance, where you’ll find a fantastic selection of gas, charcoal, and electric grills near Pleasant Hill. Call (925) 808-2950 to learn more.

Best Refrigerators for Large Families

It can be easy to forget how much you rely on your refrigerator until it breaks or becomes too small for your household. If you’re planning a visit to your local appliance store to find a new family-sized refrigerator, then read on to learn about some of your best options.

GE® ENERGY STAR® 23.1 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The GE® ENERGY STAR® 23.1 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is designed with big households in mind. With a 23.1 cubic foot capacity, this appliance can handle your family’s weekly groceries in its snack drawer, crisper drawers, fresh food cabinet shelves, freezer cabinet shelves, and freezer basket. This refrigerator uses 3 electronic sensors and a multiflow air tower to help ensure that the appliance remains at its set temperatures.

Electrolux Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with IQ-Touch Controls

If you’re looking for a French door configuration for your large family’s new refrigerator, then consider the Electrolux Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with IQ-Touch Controls. This sleek appliance has a capacity of 22.60 cubic feet and features a convenient control panel, Luxury Glide freezer drawers, PureAdvantage air and water filters, and a twist-to-open utility bin. This refrigerator also features fast freeze and perfect ice features to help keep your groceries and beverages cool.

Frigidaire Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator boasts the SpaceWise Organization system to make it easier for your family members to find what they need when they need it. This appliance also has automatic alerts to let you know when the temperature is rising or if the door is left open. Some of this refrigerator’s other features include humidity-controlled crisper drawers, PureAir Ultra Filters, quick freeze and quick ice capabilities, and SpillSafe® Shelves, which help keep spills contained and make cleanup a breeze.

If you’re looking for a new family-sized refrigerator in Pleasant Hill, then stop by Friedmans Appliance and explore the wide selection of options that we offer. To contact our home appliance store, please call (925) 808-2950.

Why You Need a Portable Clothes Washer

Just because you don’t have room to install a full-sized washing machine doesn’t mean that you’re destined to a lifetime of trips to the laundromat. Portable washers are the perfect solution if you’re short on space for home appliances but still want the convenience of a home washing machine.

Portable washers are small units that can easily be stored in a small space, like a closet, and then can be rolled out when you need to use them. Simply hook your washer up to a water source, like your kitchen faucet, and run your loads of laundry. Although the capacity is less than a full-sized machine, many portable washers come with a variety of settings so you can choose the right cycles for all of your needs.

Friedmans Appliance can help you select the right portable washer for your needs when you visit our appliance store in Pleasant Hill. Find out why customers in the Bay Area have trusted us for their appliances since 1922 by stopping by our store or calling (925) 808-2950.

Smart Hacks for a Tidy Fridge

One home appliance that is notoriously difficult to keep tidy is your refrigerator. If you’re constantly throwing away food that has gone bad because you couldn’t even see it in your fridge, or if opening the refrigerator door is becoming more and more stressful, it’s time to take stock of your organization. These strategies will help you corral the chaos in your fridge once and for all.

Add a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are commonly found in cupboards or pantries, but they are equally useful in your refrigerator. Place one inside and use it to store all of your condiments. Doing so will free up space for storing other things while keeping all of your condiments in a single, easy-to-access location. With a spin of your lazy Susan, you’ll know exactly what you have and be able to put your hands on it easily.

Use Drawer Dividers

Don’t limit drawer dividers to your silverware drawer. Place dividers into the drawers of your refrigerator, including your produce drawers and dairy drawers. Then, use the dividers to keep your food separated and organized. With dividers, you’ll always be able to see what kinds of cheeses you have on hand or all of the different types of vegetables you can grab easily for dinner. Get adjustable dividers so you can change them up to match your drawers and the food you have.

Consider Your Containers

Containers are a great way to store leftovers as well as snack items, like celery sticks, but using the right container for the job goes a long way. Don’t use containers that are too large for your fridge, so you don’t take up precious space. It’s better to split food into more than one smaller container that can be stacked instead of an oversized container that takes up your whole shelf.

Having the right refrigerator and freezer in Pleasant Hill for your family’s needs is also an important part of keeping things tidy. If you’ve outgrown your fridge, come check out the selection at Friedmans Appliance. We’ll help you select the right appliance at the right price, whatever your needs are. Get more information about our selection by calling (925) 808-2950.

The Science of Searing Steaks

One of the best parts of grilling steaks is getting that perfect sear on the outside. If you’re struggling to get the sear you want without overcooking your meat, this video will help.

The key to a good sear is first choosing thick steaks that can stay on the grill longer than thin cuts of meat. Remove as much moisture as possible with a towel and then sprinkle the steaks with cornstarch and salt. Put the steaks in the freezer for about 30 minutes before cooking, so that they get colder and can sit on the grill longer without overcooking.

Friedmans Appliance has everything you need for outdoor grilling at its best, including gas and electric grills. Visit our appliance store in Pleasant Hill to browse our selection, or call us today at (925) 808-2950 to learn more.

Reasons to Upgrade to a Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher

If it’s time to upgrade your dishwasher and you’re looking for an appliance that will stand the test of time, the Bosch 500 series could be right for you. The 500 Series combines convenient features, customizable design, and affordable pricing with top-of-the-line performance. Here are some of the reasons you should consider the Bosch 500 Series when you’re in the market for a new dishwasher.


The Bosch 500 Series comes in a variety of colors and styles, so there is sure to be one that fits the design of your kitchen. Choose from pocket handles or recessed handles in black, white, or stainless steel finishes. A transitional bar handle is available, but you can only get it in the stainless steel finish. If you prefer to have the control panels hidden under the counter when the door is closed, then choose pocket handles or a bar handle. If your preference is for front-facing controls, pick a model with recessed handles.

Noise Levels

The Bosch 500 Series is an exceedingly quiet machine. If you’re tired of cranking up your television every time you turn on your dishwasher, this model is for you. The Bosch 500 Series dishwashers are so quiet that the pocket and bar handle units come with a system called InfoLight. InfoLight projects a red light onto the floor under your dishwasher while it is running, so you don’t inadvertently open it simply because you can’t hear it.

Cleaning Capabilities

The Bosch 500 Series relies on a filtration system and evaporative drying, which adds up to a reliable clean every time you run a cycle. The normal cycle is adequate for most jobs, but the heavy cycle can handle even the toughest-to-clean dishes with ease.

Get the performance of the Bosch 500 Series at an unbeatable price at Friedmans Appliance in Pleasant Hill. Stop by our appliance showroom to see our selection of dishwashers, or call us today at (925) 808-2950 for more information.

Should You Cook More Than One Thing in the Oven at Once?

Particularly around big holidays, many people try to cut down on cooking time by doubling up their dishes in the oven. For this reason, some common questions asked at home appliance stores are about cooking multiple items simultaneously. The simple answer to this type of inquiry is that you can indeed cook more than one thing in your wall oven at once. However, there are a few factors for you to keep in mind.

First, you should only attempt to cook multiple things in your oven if they require the same cooking temperature. Also, it’s important to keep an eye on the items throughout the process because having more than one dish in your oven can cause them to cook differently than they would individually. Lastly, think about flavor. If one dish might take on the flavors of the other, then it may be a bad idea to cook them at the same time.

Friedmans Appliance carries a wide selection of gas and electric wall ovens in Pleasant Hill so you can upgrade your kitchen with new and versatile units. To contact our home appliance store, please call (925) 808-2950.

Easy Ways to Organize Your New Chest Freezer

If your current freezer is completely filled with items, you may want to create storage freezer space by purchasing a chest freezer. After you bring your new chest freezer home from the appliance store, you will need to create an organizational plan that will help you to keep track of all of your frozen items. Read on for an overview of three simple tricks that can help you to keep your new chest freezer organized.

Create a Freezer Inventory

Since your chest freezer will be larger than a standard freezer, you will have the capability to store many different items. To prevent your various frozen goods from getting lost in the mix, consider creating a freezer inventory. Before you place an item in the freezer, write it down on your inventory and note the date that it was frozen.

Use Storage Bins

A chest freezer can become very messy and disorganized if it is filled with small boxes, bags, and other food items. Standard storage bins can help you to keep your various frozen items neatly organized in your space. Once you have purchased your storage bins, take the time to label them with their contents. A clear labeling system can help you to identify each bin, as soon as you open your chest freezer.

Designate Freezer Sections

Another way to keep your chest freezer organized is to designate different sections for various food groups. For example, you can create sections for your meats, fruits and vegetables, and frozen desserts. When you open up your chest freezer, your designated sections will make it easy to find and grab the item that you are seeking.

If you are shopping for refrigeration and freezers near Pleasant Hill, look no further than the inventory available from Friedmans Appliance. For more than ninety years, we have provided the Bay Area with quality home appliances. Give us a call at (925) 808-2950 to receive additional information about our current inventory of refrigerators and freezers.

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