Looking for a New Refrigerator? Consider These Popular Features

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For many people, the most important home appliance available today is the refrigerator. Refrigerators allow us to preserve food for longer and conveniently provide us with chilled food and beverages.

However, with so many brands, designs, and models on the market, choosing the right refrigerator for your home can be overwhelming. Consider these features first to make your next refrigerator purchase a smooth, stress-free event:

Refrigerators come in several configurations, including side-by-side, top-freezer, bottom-freezer, and specialty-sized. Some features are not available in all configurations due to the design of the appliance, so it is important to carefully consider each configuration and the features that it offers.

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Is a Stand-Alone Freezer Right For You?

Frigidaire Gallery Freezer - Available Here at Friedmans Appliance

Are your home appliances serving you in the best way possible? Are they energy efficient? Are they convenient and affordable to use? The next time you’re in a home appliance store, take a serious look at the stand-alone freezers. Installing one in your home could be an excellent investment.

  • A freezer can help you save money: People often reduce their grocery bills by storing large amounts of food they’ve purchased on sale or in bulk. Some shop at warehouse stores, while others take advantage of store sales and coupons. Those who live near farmers’ markets often buy large amounts of fresh produce and freeze it for later use. People with gardens will do the same with their home-grown vegetables. Still others will buy large amounts of meat from their local butchers and stock their freezers with it.
    Stand-alone freezers are designed to maintain temperatures that are much lower than the freezer compartments in refrigerators. Because of this, nearly any type of food can be frozen and stored for months at a time. The U. S. Department of Agriculture has helpful guidelines for freezing foods safely and effectively.
  • A freezer saves you time: Many people like to prepare large dishes, like casseroles, and freeze them to use later when they have less time to cook. Others will prepare whole meals and store individual servings that can be reheated. Consider that having large amounts of food on hand also means fewer trips to the market.
  • New models are energy efficient: Look for the Energy Star rating or similar information when you’re at your neighborhood home appliance store in Concord. Many models include estimates of how much they will cost to operate over the course of a year. Over time, your savings on food will likely exceed the cost of the freezer, making it an excellent investment.

When you’re shopping for appliances in Concord, the expert staff at Friedmans Appliance can answer your questions about freezers and a wide range of other home appliances. Call us at (925) 265-8402 to discuss which appliances will be the best fit for your home.

Visit These Sites To Learn More About The Best Brands And Appliance Technologies in Today's Kitchens

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Today’s homeowner has a far greater selection of kitchen appliances to choose from than ever before. For information on technologies that have popularized new kitchen appliances and advice on selecting and maintaining these appliances, peruse the following resources. 

To speak with a supplier of high-quality kitchen appliances in Concord and San Francisco, California, call Friedmans Appliance at (925) 265-8402!

Choosing the Right Heating Technology for Your Range or Cooktop

Cooktop & Gas Range Appliances in Concord, California

To many homeowners of the Bay Area, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. The kitchen is where meals are prepared, meals that nourish the body and are happily shared with family members and friends. Since most meals require baking, boiling, frying, or reheating, cooking appliances are arguably the most important components of a kitchen. For tips on choosing a range or cooktop that will prove ideal for your kitchen, read on!

Available in several different configurations, electric cooktops are great from a design perspective because they can be matched to just about any theme or color scheme found in a kitchen. They have the advantage of not requiring a gas line, which can be expensive for homes that are not already equipped with one. Electric ranges are often known for their even distribution of heat, a quality valued by many cooks.

Some cooks enjoy the ability to see the size of the flame they are cooking with, as they can visually gauge when to turn up or turn down the gas. Of course, with an exposed flame, extra caution and care need to be taken when cooking on a gas range. Gas cooktops heat up very quickly, which is invaluable when a meal needs to be prepared quickly. As with all gas appliances, it is important for the supply line to be checked regularly for potential leaks.

Induction is a recently developed technology that utilizes electromagnetic fields, making induction cooktops and ranges the safest and most energy efficient. They offer a wide range of temperature controls and distribute heat evenly throughout cookware as long as it is flat-bottomed. Because induction cooktops remain cool to the touch and do not heat the surrounding air, they are incredibly safe and comfortable to cook with.

Regardless of the type of heating technology you choose for your kitchen, Friedmans Appliance in Concord has many high-quality options for you to choose from. To speak with a knowledgeable sales representative about our induction, gas, and electric range ovens and cooktops, call (925) 265-8402!


Why Viking Is the King of Professional-Grade Kitchen Appliances

Viking Wall Oven Concord Home Appliance Store

Although it was founded just 26 years ago, Viking Range Corporation is a true pioneer in the field of kitchen appliances. Its founder and CEO, Fred Carl, Jr., was motivated to establish the company after discovering how ill-suited most commercial kitchen appliances were for residential kitchens. Today, the company is an industry leader, and Viking is the first name that comes to mind when passionate cooks think of commercial appliances for the home kitchen.

When the Viking Range Corporation first came into existence, homeowners did not have many other options if they wanted quality commercial-grade appliances that would prove compatible with their kitchens. Since this time, the company has never compromised on the high quality for which it is known. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly controls, all parts used in Viking’s appliances are of the highest caliber.

Viking is known for offering ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances in an array of sizes and materials to meet the culinary needs and preferences of a wide range of homeowners.

Viking Range Corporation’s appliances are built to last, and many of its products come with an unbeatable three-year warranty. Viking appliances are made to be used, so you can cook and clean with them, day in and day out, without having to worry about reduced effectiveness.

Ease of Maintenance
Like all appliances, Viking’s products require after-use cleaning and periodic maintenance. They are, however, designed so that they can be effectively cleaned in a quick and easy manner.

Aesthetic Appeal
Since the functionality of kitchen appliances is far more important to most cooks than their exterior beauty, the high aesthetic appeal for which Viking Range Corporation is known is an added bonus. With Viking, you won’t have to compromise appearance for performance.

At Friedmans Appliance in Concord, California, we believe that Viking has established the reputation it has for a reason. This is why we offer Viking Range Corporation ranges, cooktops, hoods, warming drawers, microwaves, refrigerators, and wine coolers. To explore the line of appliances we carry by Viking and other high-quality kitchen appliance manufacturers, visit our Pleasant Hill showroom or call (925) 265-8402!


The Whirlpool Guide to Ceramic Glass Cooktop Cleaning and Care

With no gaps or cracks for food particles and liquid spillage to seep into, ceramic glass cooktops are among the easiest kitchen appliances to clean. Whirlpool, a leading manufacturer of such cooktops, prides itself on offering the most low-maintenance equipment in the industry.

To learn about the Whirlpool cooktop care kit that the manufacturer recommends using on its ceramic glass surfaces, check out this video clip. In addition to providing an overview of the materials included in the kit, this video features step-by-step instructions and a demonstration of the cleaning process.

If you are looking for a Whirlpool cooktop or other high-quality appliances to incorporate into your Bay Area home, call Friedmans Appliance at (925) 265-8402. Based in Concord, we have the best selection of high-end ovens, hoods, and refrigerators in the area! 


Find More Laundry And Dish Washing Tips By Visiting These Sites Courtesy of Friedmans Appliance

Laundry Appliance from Concords Best Appliance Store

Doing the laundry and washing the dishes are household tasks that never seem to end. However, by following the helpful tips presented in the resources below, keeping your clothes bright and your dishes sparkling can be easier than ever. 

Friedmans Appliance of Concord offers a wide range of top appliance brands that will make your chores a snap, so give us a call at (925) 265-8402 to find out about our current promotions! 

Laundry Tips for Your LG Washer and Dryer

LG Washer & Dryers from Friedmans Appliance

LG appliances are trusted for their effective, efficient, and dependable cleaning abilities. With all of the fantastic laundry technology infused in LG washers and dryers, your clothes, sheets, and even your sneakers will look bright and amazing. These laundry tips paired with your LG appliances will cut your dry cleaning bills in half:

Follow Care Labels
Every garment should come with its own special care label that will specify at what temperature you should wash the item, which setting to use, and whether it can be machine dried. Be sure to take the time to read this label before washing any piece of clothing so that you can clean and care for your clothes in a way that will not damage them.

Pre-Treat Stains
If you are dealing with heavily stained clothes, it is always good to pretreat the stains before you wash them. HE detergent is ideal for tough stains, so pour a small amount onto the stain and let it soak in for five minutes. If you are tackling a stubborn stain, add detergent and presoak the entire garment in a low level of warm water for at least a half-hour. If your LG washer has StainCare™, you can also try this unique LG option that uses various temperatures to attack different types of stains.  

Sort Your Laundry
You may have heard it a thousand times, but sorting your laundry by color, fabric, and corresponding water temperature can really go a long way in preserving the look and integrity of your clothes. Once again, follow each garment’s care label and never put items that are dry clean or hand wash only into your laundry units. Divide the rest of your clothes by whites, lights, darks, brights, and delicates.

Friedmans Appliance is proud to carry a wide selection of LG washers and dryers. From our Large Capacity Gas Dryers and Steam Washers to the LG All-in-One Washer/Dryer Combo, we have the right technology and appliance for your laundry needs. If you are in the Concord area, stop by our Pleasant Hill showroom, or call us at (925) 265-8402 if you have any questions.


Friedmans Appliance & Electrolux feature an Induction Cooktop Demonstration!

Friedman Cooking Demonstration

Come by and visit Friedmans Appliance tomorrow for an induction cooking demonstration! 
Time: 11:00 am
Address: 2304 Monument Blvd Pleasant Hill, CA

Maytag: Designed, Built, and Tested in the USA

When it comes to appliances, the name means a lot. If you buy an off-brand appliance, you are not guaranteed the quality and craftsmanship that comes with an American product that has set the standard for appliance manufacturing.

A Maytag product will give you top performance for many years, because it was crafted by experienced technicians who use today’s top technologies. As this video shows, purchasing a Maytag appliance means that you will not only be investing in American manufacturing, but also choosing an appliance that outperforms its competitors. Watch this video to meet the hardworking people at Maytag factories across the nation and see the work behind every appliance.


Friedmans Appliance has proudly provided services to the Bay Area since 1922. We believe in offering our customers the best available appliances on the market, and we offer a 100-day price match guarantee on our products. To hear more about Maytag and our other name brand appliances, give us a call at (925) 265-8402.


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