Tips for Buying a Grill

With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to fire up your BBQ capacity with a new grill. Your first hurdle in choosing the right product for your grilling needs is to decide between a charcoal and gas grill. Charcoal grills use wood, charcoal briquettes, or a combination of both for fuel. Charcoal generally provides a more intense, smoky flavor, but takes longer to cook your food.

Gas grills run on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) and burn cleaner than charcoal grills. Fuel for gas grills is also less expensive than charcoal, and gas grills offer more temperature control as well. It’s common for gas grills to feature several burners, allowing you to cook separate items at different temperatures.

Friedmans Appliance carries the quality appliances you need for grilling in Pleasant Hill. To learn more about our broad range of products, contact our appliance store at (925) 808-2950. You can also shop our selection of home appliances on our website.

What Type of Cooktop Is Right for Your Cooking Style?

Most appliance stores offer several options for cooktops, and the right one for your will depend on your needs, skills, and cooking style. The primary cooktop categories you’ll have to choose from are gas, electric, and induction. Read on to learn more about these different types of cooktops and decide which one is right for your kitchen.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are still a favorite among cooks because the visible flame allows for greater heat control and precision. These ranges typically have control knobs along the front face and are more powerful in BTUs than other cooktop options. Gas ranges are available in a drop-in design that installs them flush with the counter, providing visual appeal, but these cooktops lack the power and versatility of the range-top alternative. Some gas range-top options include griddles, grills, and simmer boilers.

Electric Cooktops

When an electric burner is active, the cooktop signals that it’s in use by glowing, and the sensors remain on until the surface has cooled to a safe temperature. Electric cooktops made with ceramic glass stay cooler compared to the pots and pans on them, increasing their level of safety. These cooktops are flat, allowing most of the heat to transfer to the pan instead of the into the air, and they are also easy to clean. The biggest cooking drawback for electric ranges is the lack of temperature control.

Induction Cooktops

For both safety and energy efficiency, induction cooktops take the win. Induction ranges require more energy to run than gas ones, but their heat goes directly into the pan, saving energy overall. Induction cooktops are an excellent choice for families with small children because the surface only heats pots that are placed over the outlined burners, leaving the remaining surface cool. Induction cooktops are sleek and attractive and are ideal for cooks who are after instant and precise heat control.

Friedmans Appliance specializes in brand name cooktops and home appliances in Pleasant Hill and carries a variety of gas, induction, and electric cooktops for you to choose from. If you would like to learn more about our range of cooktops and other kitchen appliances, contact us today at (925) 808-2950.

Keeping Your Food Fresh

When it comes to refrigeration and freezers, the goal is prolonged freshness for your perishables and produce. When visiting your home appliance store, look for Sub-Zero counter-depth refrigeration for easy visibility of your groceries and at the same time extended life for your fruits and vegetables. Watch this video to learn more about keeping your food fresh.

The refrigerator’s filter absorbs the gasses that cause your food to spoil faster, potentially saving you money by helping you waste less. By keeping your ingredients fresher, you can extend their use and get the best flavor and results in your dishes. Friedmans Appliance provides new, high-quality home appliances and refrigerators in Pleasant Hill. Call us today at (925) 808-2950 to learn more about the high-end kitchen appliances we carry from the leading brands, including Sub-Zero.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Home Appliances

The number of options you’ll find when you visit a home appliance store can be overwhelming if you walk in without knowing your needs. When selecting refrigerators, dishwashers, and cooktops, there are a few factors to consider before settling on an appliance. Here’s a look at some things you should consider before buying a new kitchen appliance.


When selecting the best refrigerator for your home, begin by thinking about how often your family cooks and eats in. If your household only eats together a few times per week, you’ll likely need less capacity in a refrigerator. However, if you enjoy cooking fresh meals on a regular basis, look for refrigeration that offers extra storage for fruits and vegetables, and features that maintain their freshness longer. Along the same lines, smaller families can usually get by with a quainter fridge, which will save them on energy costs as well as kitchen space.


As with refrigeration, you’ll need to consider how much capacity you need in a dishwasher before reaching for the biggest and shiniest appliances. If you plan to do a significant amount of entertaining, a pair of dual washers may suit your family better than one large one. Smaller homes or those with an open layout might benefit from high-end dishwasher model that features noise reduction or hidden controls. If you’re single and concerned with efficiency, look for models that offer small load features that will use less water when you only have a small load of dishes.

Ovens and Cooktops

The right oven and cooktop for your family will significantly depend on your cooking style and level of expertise. People without much cooking know-how usually prefer a steadily-heating electric stove, while seasoned chefs lean towards induction and gas ranges for their rapid heat-up and level of control. Convection ovens typically use more energy than conventional ones, but experienced cooks commonly prefer them due to their more even heat distribution.

For the high-quality products you need for your household, contact Friedmans Appliance today at (925) 808-2950. Our appliance store carries a wide variety of top brand home appliances in Pleasant Hill. Browse our inventory online or stop by today to shop our appliances in person and speak with one of our friendly home appliance experts.

Spotlight on Gas Ranges

If you want a professional cooking appliance in your home, a gas range is the closest thing you can get to what cooks use in professional kitchens. Gas ranges are typically more expensive than their electric counterparts, but they deliver unsurpassed control compared to electric ranges. In addition to being able to fine-tune the flame for precision heat control, gas ranges also allow you to get cooking instantly instead of waiting for an electric cooking surface to heat up. Some of the top gas range manufacturers Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, Viking, and Wolf.

Whether you’re replacing your existing gas range or shopping for one for the first time, the appliance experts at Friedmans Appliance of Pleasant Hill, CA can help you select the best gas range for your budget, cooking preferences, and needs. Browse our full inventory of cooking appliances on our website, visit our store, or call us at (925) 808-2950 with any questions.

Recent Refrigeration Advances from Sub-Zero

If it’s been a few years since you last shopped for a new refrigerator, walking into the refrigeration section of your local appliance store in Pleasant Hill might be like walking into a space ship. In fact, the technology inside today’s leading refrigerators might actual rival that of interplanetary spacecraft—if they exist, that is. But refrigerators by Sub-Zero do exist, and the technology inside them are revolutionizing the way people think about their home appliances. Here’s a closer look at just a few of the recent advances in refrigeration by Sub-Zero.

Dual Refrigeration

Sub-Zero pioneered dual refrigeration technology, and has perfected it over the years. Separate compressors and cooling systems for the fridge and freezer keeps cool, moist air on one side and frigid, dry air on the other for optimum food preservation conditions on each side.

Anti-Microbial Air Purification System

Sub-Zero’s built-in anti-microbial air purification system is based on technology developed by NASA—see what we mean about spaceships? This system scrubs the air inside the appliance of mold, viruses, bacteria, and ethylene every 20 minutes to maintain the most sanitary conditions inside the fridge and freezer.

Microprocessor Control

Each built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator is controlled by a state-of-the-art microprocessor that continuously monitors each section for pinpoint climate control. This ensures that foods are kept at their ideal temperature. The microprocessor also tells you if the fridge or freezer door is left ajar and allows you to fine-tune the lighting and cooling fan inside the refrigerator.

To learn more about these and other advancements in refrigeration technology and capability, visit Friedmans Appliance. We are your source for Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers. Browse our selection of Sub-Zero appliances on our website or visit our appliance store in Pleasant Hill. You can also reach us at (925) 808-2950 with any questions you have.

Sub-Zero and Your Kitchen Design

You want the best appliances for your kitchen but aren’t sure which brand delivers the combination of good looks and great performance you desire? Sub-Zero is a great place to start. Long considered to be one of the premier appliance brands in the world, Sub-Zero appliances can be found in the top-performing and most well-designed kitchens. Watch this video to hear what actual Sub-Zero owners have to say about the appliances they use and love, and why you’ll love Sub-Zero appliances yourself.

If you need help designing the kitchen of your dreams, the experts at Friedmans Appliance can help you pick out the best kitchen appliances from the leading brands like Sub-Zero, among others. Visit our website to browse our entire kitchen appliance inventory, including Sub-Zero appliances, or call us at (928) 808-2950 with any questions. You can also visit our appliance store in Pleasant Hill, CA to speak directly with one of our courteous appliance experts.

A Closer Look at Essential Grilling Equipment for Summer

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Are you ready for grilling season? If not, you’ll want to stock up soon so you don’t have to put off a single backyard BBQ. Here is a look at some of the essential grilling gear and equipment you’ll want to pick up from your local appliance store in Pleasant Hill so you can grill to your heart’s content this summer.

Gas BBQ Grill

The first thing you need to make sure you have is a killer barbecue grill. Even if you already have a charcoal grill, it’s worth investing in a new gas BBQ so you can quickly grill meats and vegetables without waiting for the charcoal to heat up. If you’re a barbecue purist you know which side you fall on the gas vs. charcoal debate, but you can’t beat the convenience of cooking meat in seconds as opposed to an hour-long ordeal (or longer) with a charcoal grill.


Who wants to go inside and miss out on the fun (or the beautiful weather) every time they want a cold beverage? A mini-fridge outside will help turn your outdoor space into a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, and the luxury of a mini-fridge blows an ice chest out of the water.

Meat Thermometer

Unless you’re a master griller (and even then), it’s a good idea to invest in a meat thermometer so you know exactly when your meat is done. A thermometer will make sure you don’t serve undercooked meat, but it can also help you pull meat off at just the right moment so you deliver steaks and burgers just how your friends and family ordered them.

Friedmans Appliance has everything you need to enjoy grilling to the fullest. Visit our appliance store in Pleasant Hill, CA to learn about the products we offer that can take your BBQ game to the next level. If you have any questions, please contact us online or call us at (925) 808-2950.

A Look at the GE Profile Built-In Dishwasher

With so many affordable, efficient dishwashers available at the home appliance store today, it’s very easy to find the perfect one for your needs and lifestyle. The built-in dishwashers in the GE Profile home appliance line are versatile, energy-efficient, and perfect for any household.

The GE Profile built-in dishwasher is Energy Star certified, which means that you’ll save a significant amount of money on your water and electric bills. Its tub holds tall and oversized items, and can wash up to 16 place settings at once. It has an adjustable upper rack with four different configurations, and four utility shelves that flip up or down to accommodate items of any size or shape. It uses patented CleanSensor technology that determines the ideal water temperature and cycle time based upon the soil level of the dishes.

At Friedmans Appliance, our appliance store serving Pleasant Hill carries a variety of home appliances from top brands, including refrigerators and energy-efficient GE dishwashers. You can visit our home appliance store to compare and test working models and find the perfect home appliance for your needs. To learn more about our showroom and appliance selection, call us today at (925) 808-2950.

Should You Choose a Range or a Cooktop for Your Kitchen?

When you visit your local home appliance store to check out new home appliances for your kitchen, you might find yourself trying to decide between a range and a cooktop. Both ranges and cooktops have pros and cons depending upon your budget, kitchen space, lifestyle, and cooking needs. Here are some facts to take into consideration when trying to decide between these two home appliances.

How Much Counter Space and Wall Space Do You Have?

You can easily decide between a range and cooktop based upon how much counter and wall space your kitchen has. A range typically requires 30 to 60 inches of counter space, while a cooktop necessitates about 30 to 42 inches. You’ll gain additional cabinet space below a cooktop, while a range might not leave you with many storage options. A wall oven or range also requires sufficient wall space.

What is Your Cooking Style?

If you rarely use an oven and require a lot of counter space for other home appliances, you should opt for a cooktop. If you cook and bake frequently, or if more than one person typically uses the kitchen at once, you’ll benefit from the extra features and cooking space provided by a cooktop combined with a wall oven or range. Cooktops offer more flexibility with regards to burner style, size, and options. Wall ovens offer easier and safer access to hot, heavy dishes.

What is Your Home Appliance Budget?

When planning your home appliance budget, you need to factor in both the cost of the range or cooktop, and the installation. Ranges are often less expensive, and easier to install than cooktops. Cooktops often have less expensive maintenance and replacement options.

If you’re in need of a range, cooktop, or wall oven near Pleasant Hill, come see us at Friedmans Appliance. Our home appliance store has a wide range of high quality gas ranges and cooktops from top home appliance brands. To learn more about how you can test one of our display products in our showroom, call us today at (925) 808-2950.

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