• Advice for Selecting a Wine Fridge

    In order for wine to taste its best, it needs to be served at the appropriate temperature. The ideal temperature range differs, depending on the type of wine. For instance, champagnes and sweet wines are best served between 42 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The easiest way to keep your wine at the right temperature is to house it in its own wine fridge. 

    The accompanying video offers some tips for comparing different models of wine refrigerators. Aside from considering the storage capacity, you’ll also need to choose the right type of fridge. This wine enthusiast explains the difference between compressor-style fridges and thermoelectric fridges. 

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  • Is a Gas or Charcoal Grill a Better Choice?

    Some people prefer gas grills, while others refuse to grill on anything but charcoal. The “grate debate” between charcoal and gas grill enthusiasts isn’t likely to end anytime soon, especially considering that both types have positive attributes. If you don’t yet have a preference, take a look at the following factors to guide your decision. 


    Much of the grate debate centers on the flavor. If you want an authentic, smoky BBQ flavor, then it’s hard to beat a charcoal grill. You can even use a charcoal grill as a smoker to thoroughly infuse your burgers, steaks, and ribs with a delightfully smoky flavor. However, the flavor imparted by a gas grill can still give charcoal BBQs a run for their money. Foods that are more delicate may become overwhelmed by smoke. If you’re grilling fish, fruit, vegetables, or chicken breasts, a gas grill may be the better choice. 


    Convenience is a major consideration, especially if you enjoy grilling during the work week. A charcoal grill requires more prep work. You’ll need to arrange the charcoal and let it burn until it turns gray before you can add your food to the grate. It can also be difficult to control the temperature precisely with a charcoal grill. A gas grill is more convenient. Just turn it on without having to handle messy charcoal and lighter fluid. It only takes an average of 10 minutes for a typical gas grill to heat up. 


    The temperature ranges of charcoal and gas grills are comparable. The top temperature can vary by model, but an average gas grill can achieve 450 to 550 degrees. This is definitely hot enough to cook any food you wish, although it may not be quite hot enough to sear the food. The average temperature of a charcoal grill is about 500 degrees, but you can increase this significantly by adding more coals and raising the coals closer to the cooking surface. This allows you to achieve a very crispy exterior and a tender interior for your steaks. 

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  • What Is the Right Temperature for White Wine?

    Making wine is both a science and an art, and so is serving it. It’s important to serve your wine at just the right temperature to bring out the flavor profile. Many people make the mistake of refrigerating their wine so that it’s too cold when served. If a white wine is served too cold, its defining taste characteristics will become less obvious. As a general rule of thumb, white wine should be served between 49 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    You could adjust your refrigerator to complement specific types of white wines. A lighter white wine is best served between 44 and 50 degrees. White wines that are oaky with more body can be served a little warmer, between 50 and 55 degrees. Sparkling white wines should be thoroughly chilled to 42 to 50 degrees. 

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  • Learn How to Grill with Indirect Heat

    Grilling with indirect heat is an ideal cooking method for large cuts of meat, such as lamb top rounds, a whole chicken, short ribs, or pork roast. It cooks the meat slowly to provide an excellent texture and flavor. Watch the accompanying video to hear how a Culinary Institute of America chef grills a lamb top round with indirect heat. 

    After preheating the grill, brushing the rods, and wiping them with an oily cloth, he browns the lamb on all sides on high heat. Then, he moves the lamb to the cold section of the grill, leaves the other side on high heat, and closes the lid until it’s done. 

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  • Is Now the Right Time to Buy a New Oven?

    It often seems that when appliances die, they do so suddenly and without warning. But if you pay close attention to the performance of your appliances, you can usually detect indications that something’s wrong. And if your wall oven is no longer new, it’s time to start thinking about going to the appliance store to replace it instead of scheduling repairs. 

    Your electric oven is remaining cold. 

    Some of the indicators that a wall oven is about to die can depend on whether the oven is electric or gas. Old electric ovens may sometimes fail to heat up. In some cases, you can simply replace the heating element if you notice that it’s no longer glowing. But if your oven lacks heat entirely, it will need to be replaced. 

    Your gas oven isn’t igniting. 

    One of the conveniences of a gas oven is that the pilot light can be manually ignited in the event of a power outage. However, the tradeoff is that gas ovens can be more dangerous than electric ones as their components begin to wear out. If you find yourself frequently relighting the pilot light, it’s time to check out the selection of new wall ovens at the local appliance store. 

    Your recipes aren’t coming out right. 

    All cooks have tried and true recipes that they make frequently. You’ve probably made a few meals so often that you no longer need to double-check the recipe card. If your stand-by meals are no longer turning out as they should, the blame might rest with your oven, rather than your technique in the kitchen. For example, half of a casserole dish might get burnt to a crisp, while the other half remains stubbornly undercooked. 

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  • Getting Your Grill Ready for Cool Temperatures

    People who are diehard grilling enthusiasts might prefer to operate their BBQs year-round, no matter how chilly it gets outdoors. This is certainly possible if you’ve purchased a durable brand of charcoal or gas grill, like Viking, Monogram, or Wolf. But if grilling in the middle of winter isn’t your cup of tea, it’s time to start prepping it for winter storage. 

    Importance of Cleaning Your Grill 

    The most important thing to do before leaving your grill idle for the season is to clean the inside thoroughly. You’ll need to remove all bits of food debris and grease, as these substances can attract wildlife, such as mice. Grease and food debris can also encourage mold to develop, and they can cause the grill to oxidize and become corroded. 

    Tips for Cleaning a Gas or Electric Grill 

    If you have a gas or electric grill, you’ll need to clean the grates, flavorizer bars, and burners. Use a grill brush to clean these areas. As you work, you can get push all of that debris into the drip pan. Lastly, pull out the pan and empty it, and then wipe it clean with a rag. 

    Tips for Cleaning a Charcoal Grill 

    People who own a charcoal grill can use a grill brush to scrub the cooking grates. Then, remove the grates and use a putty knife to scrape the residue off the interior surfaces. You can push all of the debris into the ash catcher. Just remember to remove and empty the ash catcher when you’re done. 

    Considerations for Storing Your Grill 

    Once your BBQ is thoroughly cleaned on the inside, you’ll want to keep it clean on the outside throughout the winter months. You can purchase a grill cover designed specifically for your make and model of grill. Some people like to take the extra precaution of moving their grill into a garage. Note that you should never bring a propane tank inside. 

    A good grill can last for years, but you might want to upgrade to a larger model with deluxe features. Come to Friedmans Appliance to talk to our grilling experts in Pleasant Hill, and we’ll help you choose the right model for your family’s lifestyle. You can reach a friendly staff member at (925) 808-2950 if you have any questions about our inventory.

  • Tips for Keeping Your Convection Oven Clean

    Convection ovens cook differently from traditional ovens, but the process of cleaning them is similar. If your appliance has a self-cleaning cycle, use it periodically to keep your oven in good condition. However, even with a self-cleaning function, you should still clean your convection oven by hand occasionally to prevent build-up from causing problems in the long-term. If you don’t have a self-cleaning cycle or if you’re ready to clean your self-cleaning convection oven by hand, these tips will help.  

    Clean Spills as They Happen 

    If a spill happens in your oven, it will become more stubborn over time, as it gets heated and cooked onto the walls of your appliance. If a spill occurs, clean it up as soon as possible instead of waiting for your next full oven cleaning. This will prevent spills from becoming so cooked into the oven that they can’t be removed. You can also reduce the chances that a spill will happen by placing a cookie sheet under items that are prone to bubbling over, such as pies and lasagnas.  

    Use an Appropriate Oven Cleaner 

    Oven cleaning products are designed to cut through the grease and cooked-on food that can accumulate on your appliance’s interior. Use a product specifically made for cleaning ovens for the best results. Apply the cleaner to the entire interior surface of the oven and allow it to sit according to the product recommendations. Oven cleaners can be abrasive, so wear gloves to protect your hands.  

    Wipe Oven Thoroughly Before Using 

    Use a soft cloth to wipe the oven clean, being careful to remove all of the cleaning product. If you have stubborn stains, try putting a wet cloth over the stains for a few minutes and then wiping them away.  

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  • Ideas for Using a Compact Fridge

    A compact fridge is a great addition to many home and workspaces. These small refrigerators fit into spaces that other appliances do not and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Could a compact fridge be the right answer for you? Here are some ideas for using these small-sized fridges.  

    One popular use for compact fridges is in college dorm rooms. A small fridge lets roommates keep some drinks and snacks handy so that they don’t have to constantly run to the dining hall. They are also a good fit in offices so you can carry your lunch to work instead of always having to go out. Many homeowners like to use compact fridges in playrooms, bars, and outdoor areas for convenience and additional storage.  

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  • Avoid These Kitchen Layout Mistakes

    If you’re renovating your kitchen, choosing the right fixtures and appliances is only part of the equation. You also have to ensure that your layout makes the most efficient use of the space.  

    Watch this video for a look at some common layout mistakes that you should try to avoid. Make sure your cabinets are designed to create the maximum amount of storage space and that you have a system for hiding the wires for under-cabinet lighting. In terms of appliances, look for energy-efficient models that don’t overwhelm your space.  

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  • A Definitive Guide to Organizing Your Refrigerator

    Many people load up their refrigerators any way that they can get the food to fit, but did you know that your fridge is actually designed to have different temperatures in different zones? For this reason, there is more to organizing your appliance than just making everything fit. To make your food last as long as possible and to boost food safety, there are specific spots in which you should store your things. Here is what you need to know about organizing your fridge to maintain the quality and safety of your food.  

    Fruits and Veggies 

    Fruits and veggies need more moisture than other items you have in your fridge. The humidity drawers in your fridge are specifically designed for this purpose. Veggies should go into the drawer with the highest humidity levels. This drawer is sometimes labeled “vegetables” or “high humidity.” Fruits need less moisture than veggies and should be put in the drawer labeled “crisper.” Both fruits and veggies should be kept in their original packaging or in a loosely tied plastic bag.  


    Most condiments contain vinegar and salt, which act as preservatives so they can be kept on the door of the fridge. The door is warmer than the shelves, so don’t keep anything there that needs cooler temps to stay fresh, such as milk. The butter drawer on the door is the warmest part of the fridge and is fine for storing butter and soft cheeses. 


    The bottom shelf is the coldest part of the fridge, and the further back on the shelf you go, the colder it gets. Milk should be stored on this shelf, as far back as possible. Raw meat should also be on the bottom shelf. Eggs can be on the middle shelf, where temperatures are consistent. Keep deli meat in the meat drawer or on the bottom shelf. Use the top shelf for leftovers and items not prone to fast spoilage.  

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