• Why Choose a Bottom Freezer?

    In the past, the most common design for refrigerators was a freezer at the top with the refrigerator section below. However, many new styles feature bottom-mounted freezers instead. Should you opt for a fridge with a bottom freezer? Here is a look at some of the benefits.  

    One thing that many people prefer about this design is that fridge portion, which gets more use, is at eye level. This allows for easier access and makes it harder to forget what you have stored in the crisper drawers. People with back problems often appreciate this design since they don’t have to bend as much to get the items that they use the most. Bottom freezers also usually have sliding drawers, which creates more space for storage than traditional freezers.  

    Find the perfect refrigerator and freezer for your home at Friedmans Appliance. Our family-owned appliance store in Pleasant Hill is dedicated to quality products and customer satisfaction. Contact us today by calling (925) 808-2950. 

  • Spotlight on the KitchenAid Grill’s Even-Heat System

    KitchenAid might be best known for their top-of-the-line stand mixers, but they also sell a line of chef-friendly gas grills. A sales representative at the appliance store can walk you through the features of each different KitchenAid grill, but all of them will feature the proprietary Even-Heat Cooking System.  

    The Even-Heat Cooking System manages the heat distribution in the cooking box, which is where all of your food will go. KitchenAid’s technology eliminates both hot and cold spots, which are every grilling enthusiast’s worst nightmare. The Even-Heat System also features flame tamers, which minimize flare-ups caused by grease and juices dripping off the grill. 

    Friedmans Appliance is pleased to sell KitchenAid gas grills with the Even-Heat Cooking System, along with a wide selection of other gas grills by top brands in the industry. You can reach a friendly sales associate by calling (925) 808-2950, or stop by our appliance store in Pleasant Hill.  

  • What Size Dishwasher Do I Need? (And Other Purchasing FAQs)

    When you start shopping for a new dishwasher, you may be surprised at just how many options are available. Visiting a home appliance store to get advice from the experts is a good start when it comes to narrowing down your selection. The answers to these questions that customers frequently ask while dishwasher shopping will also help you make the right pick for your home.  

    What size dishwasher do I need? 

    Picking the right size for your dishwasher can be tougher than you may think. It’s important to measure carefully, as even a fraction of an inch can make a big difference when it’s time to put your new appliance into place. Put a measuring tape at the base of the opening for the dishwasher and measure the space between the floor and the base of the cabinet that sits on top of the dishwasher. Do this once on the left side and once on the right. Measure the width of the space from corner to corner on the top and bottom. Check the depth by measuring from the back of the space, if it is empty, or if it isn’t, measure the depth of a cabinet and use that as your dishwasher measurement.  

    How do I find a dishwasher that isn’t noisy? 

    No one likes a loud dishwasher, but some people are especially sensitive to noise from the wash cycle. If you want a whisper-quiet dishwasher, look for one rated 40 dBs or lower. Ratings around the mid-40s are usually acceptable if you the noise isn’t a big issue for you. At over 50 dBs, you probably won’t want to be in the room when the dishwasher is running.  

    What should I look for in terms of capacity? 

    You can find out the capacity for most dishwashers on the websites of the manufacturers. A good feature to look for is capacity that can be adjusted. For example, racks that can slide up or down and tines that can be folded down allow you to adjust the space as needed.  

    Let the home appliance experts at Friedmans Appliance help you select a dishwasher that is right for your space and needs. We offer a selection of the best brands and over 2,000 appliances on display in our showroom. Start your dishwasher shopping process by calling our appliance store in Pleasant Hill at (925) 808-2950. 

  • Planning Your Laundry Room Renovation

    In many homes, laundry rooms pull double duty. They’re typically a place where miscellaneous items—from hammers to spare keys—find a home. Laundry rooms also serve as mudrooms, and the result can be a cluttered, disorganized mess. If you’re fed up with the look or function of your laundry room, it’s time to start planning a remodel. Start with a trip to the appliance store to pick out your new washer and dryer. 

    Evaluate the available space. 

    A well-designed laundry room can suit your needs no matter how large it is. If you have a smaller space, consider getting front-loading appliances that stack on top of each other. Once you know where your new washer and dryer will go, you can begin making plans for the rest of the space. Plan to have a work surface for folding clothes and scrubbing at stains. You should also have storage near the washer and dryer for items like detergent and stain sticks. Make sure there will be enough room in front of the washer and dryer to empty and load your hampers. If possible, designate a small space where you can tuck the hamper out of the way while the laundry is being cleaned. 

    Figure out your connections. 

    Before you purchase your new washer and dryer at the home appliance store, you need to know what your connections are. This will determine whether you’ll buy gas or electric units. Some laundry rooms feature connections for both types, in which case, the sales associate can help you choose between gas and electric. 

    Choose your finishes. 

    Once you’ve planned the layout of your new laundry room, designated storage areas, and selected your appliances, it’s time to choose your finishes. Look for finishes that offer superior durability and water resistance, given the nature of the room. Consider choosing moisture-resistant vinyl flooring, which eliminates the unsightly grout lines that go between ceramic tiles. Choose a semi-gloss paint that’s easy to wipe clean. For your work surface, look for a nonporous countertop material like engineered stone. 

    Friedmans Appliance carries energy-efficient washers and dryers, including front load and top load dryers, and electric and gas dryers. While you’re picking up your new appliances at our store in Pleasant Hill, consider adding a laundry pedestal to your remodeling plans. If you have any questions, call us at (925) 808-2950. 

  • Grilling the Perfect Burger

    Grilling the perfect burger is equal parts art and science. As you gain more experience behind the grill, you’ll likely perfect your own technique to enhance the flavors of the meat. But for now, watch this demonstration by a professional chef. He strongly recommends selecting an 80/20 grind, which means the beef has 20% fat. 

    Other tips you’ll learn are to only flip a burger once, and to make a slight indentation in the middle of the burger to prevent puffiness during grilling. Use a meat thermometer before you take your burgers off the grill. They should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    When you’re ready to do some grilling in the Pleasant Hill area, head over to Friedmans Appliance for great deals on top charcoal and gas grills. Check out our current inventory in person at Crossroads Center, or give us a call at (925) 808-2950. 

  • Foolproof Strategies for Grilled Pizza

    If you love grilling but want to elevate your game beyond the usual burgers and dogs, look towards the unexpected. With a few cooking tweaks, nearly all of your favorite foods can be cooked on the grill, and often, they come out reinvented. Pizza is one such food that is becoming a staple on grills across the country. If you want to try to your hand at surprising your family and friends with grilled pizza, these strategies will help you turn out a delicious pie they won’t soon forget.  

    Use a Pizza Stone 

    Ideally, if you want to grill pizza, you should have a pizza stone. A pizza stone evens out the heat so that the dough cooks evenly. Although you can cook directly on the grates of the grill, it makes things a little trickier, especially if there are hot and cool spots. If you do cook directly on the grates, put the dough over direct heat for about 45 seconds, and then flip it. Then put it over indirect heat while you add toppings. If you wait too long, it will burn, and if you try to flip it too soon, it won’t release from the grates. If you are going to use a pizza stone, heat it until the grill reaches about 500 degrees F and simply place your dough on top with sauce, cheese, and toppings. 

    Go Easy with the Sauce 

    Too much sauce can drown any pizza, and it can especially damage your pie when you’re grilling. Generally, the sauce you put on your grilled pizza should look like it’s not enough. It will spread and merge with the dough while cooking, instead of giving you soggy slices.  

    Precook Toppings 

    If you have toppings that you want to be cooked when the pizza is served, like sausage, cook them before adding them. The same goes for any veggies that you don’t want to be raw on top of the pie. If you’re adding herbs, sprinkle them on at the end so that the grill doesn’t singe them.  

    gas grill from Friedmans Appliance is the best tool for turning out delicious grilled pizzas. Our home appliance store in Pleasant Hills boasts a variety of grills at the best prices. Contact our store today at (925) 808-2950 to learn more about our selection.  

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Your First Backyard BBQ

    A backyard BBQ is the quintessential party of summer, but if you’ve never thrown one before, doing so can be a little intimidating. From getting the grilling right to making the perfect playlist, managing your first BBQ takes some work. Fortunately, we have the advice you need to make sure your backyard BBQ is a success. Here is what you need to know.

    Do a Few Test Runs on Your Grill

    At a backyard BBQ, the food that comes off the grill is the star of the show, so don’t make your party the first time you try your hand at grilling. If you have a new grill, don’t give it its first test run when your BBQ guests arrive. Decide what your menu will be, and do a few rehearsal meals with your family or a few friends before the night of the event. This is especially useful if you are cooking with a gas grill for the first time or if you’re used to grilling burgers and dogs but are switching to chicken and veggies for your party.

    Set Your Guest List

    BBQs are casual events, and you don’t need to send out formal invitations and reply cards. However, it’s a good idea to email or call your guests a few weeks in advance, since summer weekends fill up quickly. Be sure to let guests know if this is a family BBQ or an adults-only affair, so there isn’t any confusion.

    Stock Up on Supplies

    BBQs don’t call for your fine china but make sure you have plenty of plates, cutlery, and glasses on hand. Consider going eco-friendly and skipping paper plates and disposable cups and silverware for the real thing. Make sure you have ample seating—you can even invite guests to bring their own outdoor folding chairs if you think you won’t have enough places to sit down.

    From the Big Green Egg to a gas grill for beginners, Friedmans Appliance has everything you need to host your first backyard BBQ. Stop by a showroom to check out our grills in Pleasant Hill, or contact us at (925) 808-2950 for more information.

  • Should You Buy a Laundry Pedestal?

    Front-load washing machines and dryers are modern and eco-friendly, but they can be tough on your back. That is where laundry pedestals come into the picture. These pedestals raise your appliances off the ground by up to 16 inches and can be an ideal solution for people who struggle with loading and unloading their machines.

    In addition to raising your appliances and allowing for easier access, laundry pedestals include a large drawer that can be used for storing supplies, like detergent, bleach, and dryer sheets. This can help you keep your laundry room organized and free up space for storing other items. If you decide to get a laundry pedestal, check with your home appliance store to make sure it is compatible with your machines.

    Let Friedmans Appliance guide you through the process of choosing of choosing new appliances in Pleasant Hill for your laundry room, kitchen, and outdoor spaces. Call our store today at (925) 808-2950 with your questions about our product lines and more.

  • Delicious Veggies to Grill

    If you love grilling but need a change from the usual chicken and burgers, think veggies. The grill completely changes the taste of vegetables and makes even dedicated meat eaters want to dine on a veggie-friendly meal.

    Watch this video for tips on grilling veggies and putting together a grilled vegetable salad. Just about any vegetable can be grilled, even lettuce, so don’t be afraid to experiment with what you throw on your or electric or gas grill.

    Friedmans Appliance has a huge selection of everything grilling enthusiasts need, from grills to accessories. To find out more about our home appliance selection in Pleasant Hill, call (925) 808-2950.

  • Comparing Common Freezer Types

    If you decide it is time for a new freezer , you may be surprised at how many options are available at your home appliance store. Most people begin freezer shopping because the unit that is attached to their refrigerator is not spacious enough, so size is usually one of the leading factors in making a selection. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular options and how they compare, to help you make the right choice for your home.

    Upright Freezers

    Upright freezers look similar to refrigerators, in that they are standing units with hinged doors. They come in a variety of sizes, from mini-freezers that are similar to fridges that you may keep in a game room or dorm room to full-size units that are as tall and wide as a standard refrigerator. These freezers are popular because they are easy to store in kitchens, garages, and basements—all they need is an outlet. Their interior shelving also makes them easy to organize and see exactly what you have inside. Most upright freezers are built with auto defrost features so that you don’t have to worry about defrosting them to clean.

    Chest Freezers

    Chest freezers are short and wide boxes that have hinged lids. They are more affordable than upright freezers and also come in a number of different sizes. Their shape makes them more difficult to store in kitchens, but they are well suited to garages and basements. Chest freezers can be quite deep, but they require food to be stacked, making it difficult to see what is on the bottom. These freezers are good if you buy in bulk, but they can be trickier if you need another freezer just for convenience foods.

    Drawer Freezers

    Drawer freezers are less common, but they are increasing in popularity. They look like mini-fridges, but instead of a door, they have pullout freezer drawers. If you have a gourmet kitchen, you’ll love the convenience of easily accessing frozen foods, and their flat top provides another work surface.

    Let the knowledgeable team at Friedmans Appliance help you select the right freezer for your specific needs. Contact our appliance store in Pleasant Hill at (925) 808-2950 for more information about our selection of freezers and other home appliances .

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