Enjoy Cooking Outdoors with GE’s Monogram 42″ Outdoor Cooking Center

As the weather gets warmer, you and your family may want to spend more time outside. You can stock your yard with appliances that let you enjoy your outdoor experience to the fullest. With GE’s Monogram® 42” Outdoor Cooking Center, you can make the most of your backyard patio. Keep reading to see how this home appliance can enhance your summer season:

  • Room to Cook

Not only does this amazing appliance have a double wall construction, but it also has two burners for grilling. The first is designed to meet your rotisserie needs, will the other is just for searing. Whether you want to grill up a few burgers or make an entire chicken, you can cook the perfect summer meal in one easy location. Cook a small dinner for the family or host an extravagant outdoor barbeque for all of your friends.

Beautiful terrace view of Mediterranean seascape

  • Variety of Temperatures

You can find the ideal temperature for anything you want to cook with the warm, medium, and high settings available on the Monogram® 42” Outdoor Cooking Center. Use the controls to change between temperatures of 100°F and 600°F to cook everything to perfection.

  • Convenient and Attractive Cart

Made of stainless steel, this grill’s cart has two wheels, two side shelves which can be lowered, and plenty of space for preparing food. You can chop meat on the portable cutting board, keep a few extra buns in the storage drawer, and place all of your rotisserie parts together in one place. Few other appliances manage to look this good while offering so many amazing features.

Come to Friedmans Appliance today to get your own Monogram® 42” Outdoor Cooking Center just in time for summer. With the best customer service available in the Concord area, you will be able to find the perfect appliances to enhance your home life by visiting our showroom. For more information about the products available in our  home appliance store , please call (925) 265-8402.


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