Reasons to Invest in Whirlpool Appliances

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The best way to choose a good appliance brand is to search for one with a history of success. The Whirlpool Corporation has sold industry-leading appliances for over 100 years. This overview of what the appliance company has to offer shows why a Whirlpool upgrade is such a smart investment.

  • Diverse Selection: Whirlpool’s commitment to quality doesn’t stop at washers and dryers. The trustworthy Whirlpool brand also offers numerous high-performance fridges, dishwashers, and oven ranges too. After you have purchased one Whirlpool product, registering that appliance will make it easier for you to research and find deals on other Whirlpool products.
  • Extended Service: The Whirlpool Corporation is concerned about its customers. That’s why the company offers extended service plans as added incentive to loyal customers. Whirlpool’s 24-hour support system ensures that any issues with your new appliance are taken care of promptly. Service plans include maintenance from authorized dealers and a full replacement if necessary. Choose Whirlpool products if you’re looking for a service plan that you can rely on.
  • Innovative Technology: No other home appliances perform quite like their Whirlpool counterparts. That’s because every Whirlpool appliance is packed with exclusive perks. 6th Sense Technology, for example, is a new sensor array found in numerous Whirlpool products. This advanced computer system makes immediate adjustments to maximize appliance performance. As a result, homeowners are treated to cleaner dishes and dryer clothes.
  • Sustainable Appliances: Whirlpool appliances won’t waste your time or your energy. These efficient machines are designed to produce quick results while minimizing the use of water and electricity. As a result, most Whirlpool appliances carry a stamp of approval from ENERGY STAR. Choose a Whirlpool product if your older appliances are inflating your utility bills.

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