Save Money and Time on LG Front Load Washers

time is money

Are you spending large amounts of money to keep an old, inefficient washer running? If so, ditch the costs of repair and put your hard-earned money towards a top-of-the-line washer. Visit your trustworthy appliance store in Concord to find an LG front load washer and utilize its advanced washing technologies.

Capacity: Front load washers from LG provide unmatched capacity. The larger the capacity of your washing machine, the more clothes you can fit in a single load and the quicker your washing process will be. By designing a machine designated to wash larger loads, LG has effectively enabled people to take less trips to and from the washer.

TurboWash: LG’s TurboWash technology can save you up to 20 valuable minutes per load. Instead of searching to find large windows of time in your schedule to wash your items, you can have your clothes cleaned and ready in a short about of time. In addition, your energy bills will be reduced thanks to this more efficient cleaning technology.

TrueSteam: Are you looking to ditch your old washing machine because it simply doesn’t clean well? While some washers, particularly outdated models, leave grime and spots on clothing after multiple washes, LG’s TrueStream technology is designed to eliminate them the first time. Odors, wrinkles, and dirt will no longer be a factor, and your bills will be lowered as a result of more efficient washing technology.

ColdWash Technology: It’s often assumed that when you wash clothes on a cold setting, you’re bound to wind up with less clean clothes. However, LG’s ColdWash technology enables you to clean fabrics thoroughly on a cold setting while saving water in the process. This is just yet another way that LG can help reduce your bills and make your life more convenient.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of LG’s wonderful washing machines, contact Friedmans Appliance in Concord. To find out more information about our large selection of appliances, speak with one of our representatives today by calling (925) 265-8402.

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