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Freezers and dishwashers are just two examples of the wide selection of appliances that can be found at Friedmans Appliance. Buying a new appliance , having it installed, and taking care of it after you’ve bought it are all serious matters. Here are some items that may help with purchasing and owning home appliances:

  • How can you choose the best dishwasher for your home? Good Housekeeping offers these tips for buying a dishwasher, from finding the right size to evaluating water and energy use.
  • Maintaining an appliance after you’ve bought it should be simple. If you’ve just bought new appliances , follow these simple tips to help them last.
  • From freestanding ranges to cooktops, all the appliances you need for a well-equipped kitchen are available from Viking. Explore this company’s selection online before visiting Friedmans Appliance.
  • Kitchen appliances make cooking and storing food easy and convenient. To help keep it that way, the U. S. Department of Agriculture has useful tips on safe food preparation, freezing, and storage.
  • Many appliances are designed with energy-saving features that earn them the Energy Star seal. If you’re unsure what Energy Star is all about, the Environmental Protection Agency offers these answers to some common questions.

To get expert advice on deciding which appliances will work best for your lifestyle and in your home, be sure to call Friedmans Appliance at (925) 265-8402.

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