How to Shop Smart for Kitchen Appliances

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Kitchen renovation is a popular and fun aspect of home improvement. However, many homeowners experience great difficulty acquiring the right appliances at a reasonable cost. Fortunately, this difficulty has prompted numerous appliance dealers to take action. By thinking strategically and following simple guidelines, anyone can locate the right home appliance store and begin finding the perfect kitchen items without the usual hassle. Here are some tips to help make your renovation project easier:

Consider Your Everyday Needs

It can be tempting to look into home appliances that are packed with features, but the easiest way to find the right product on a budget is to avoid extraneous elements. It is important to consider the size of the kitchen when purchasing stoves, ovens, freezers and refrigerators; range cookers with four burners on top and a single oven below are typically ideal for those looking to save money and space, as are refrigeration units with built-in freezers. It is also advisable to select energy-saving home appliances to avoid excessive utility costs

Buy from an Authorized Dealer

Choosing an authorized retailer ensures that you have access to items from an assortment of trusted manufacturers. It also enables you to receive the best in customer service and rest assured that your appliances are covered by the original warranty. Furthermore, stores that work with many well-known brands are likelier to carry just the right item for your needs.

Compare and Contrast

Try to prevent buyer’s remorse through careful analysis of each product prior to placing your order. The best dealers list the comprehensive details of each appliance in stock. If you’re ever torn between two items, spend as much time as you need figuring out which will give you the greatest performance for the lowest price. Consult with a sales representative at your preferred store to speed up the process.

Friedmans Appliance aims to be your one-stop shop for kitchen appliances in Concord and Walnut Creek. Since 1922, we have provided homeowners throughout the Bay Area with high-end products from reputed brands such as Wolf, Napoleon, and Dacor. Feel free to contact us at (925) 265-8402 to learn more about the items we carry.


What Can Thermador Refrigeration Bring to Your Kitchen?

Thermador Refrigerator

Homeowners often use large-scale kitchen renovation projects as an excuse to replace their major appliances, including cookers, dishwashers, freezers, and refrigerators. Regarding the latter two, Thermador is widely considered one of the best brands on the market. By combining form and functionality, Thermador has enabled countless homeowners to locate the perfect appliance for their kitchen’s design. Here are a few of the benefits offered by Thermador refrigerators and freezers:

A Variety of Features

Before narrowing down your search and comparing models, it’s important that you have a clear idea of the type of refrigeration unit you intend to buy. This choice should be influenced just as much by the setup of your kitchen as by the size of your budget. Thermador’s beauty lies in the fact that its refrigeration units have features for everyone. The brand includes standard refrigerator columns in addition to side-by-side and bottom-freezer models. Freezer columns are available for those who prefer to have two separate, free-standing appliances in lieu of an all-in-one unit. This versatility allows homeowners to choose based on how much room they have and how much money they can spend.

A Built-In Aesthetic

Built-in units are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who enjoy having their home appliances complement the sleek, orderly look of their kitchen environment. Thermador offers stainless steel refrigerators designed to blend in with your kitchen’s design, creating the illusion that the appliance is an extension of the cabinetry.

Reliable Performance

Thermador refrigeration units can operate for years without showing signs of slowing down. Still, the manufacturer offers a limited two-year warranty on every refrigerator and freezer, covering the cost of labor and replacement parts. Thermador home appliances are typically purchased from authorized dealers, who sell their items with the full warranty in place.

Friedmans Appliance is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most trusted authorized dealers of Thermador kitchen appliances. Concord and Walnut Creek residents are free to browse and compare items from our large selection, rich with products from a slew of renowned manufacturers. For more information about how you can create the kitchen of your dreams, call (925) 265-8402 or contact us online.


Portable Dishwashers: Solutions for Small Kitchens

Modern kitchen in new apartment

No matter how small your kitchen is, you must always make room for the essentials. Fortunately, home appliance manufacturers have developed special items that operate in limited space. Portable dishwashers are the perfect appliances for kitchens that are unable to accommodate built-in units, and are ideal for use in any unmodifiable kitchen.

Portable dishwashers function just like their built-in counterparts. The only distinction is that in lieu of being built into the cabinetry, these appliances can often be situated on countertops and moved around at your convenience. A portable dishwasher can be plugged into any outlet in your kitchen, and will operate as long as it has access to water from the faucet.

Friedmans Appliance is the Bay Area’s leading authorized dealer of domestic appliances , granting homeowners in Concord easy access to dozens of affordable items. Call us at (925) 265-8402 to find out what we have in store.


Miele: Inspired by Performance

At Miele, each appliance is built to provide superior performance. The company aims to be no less than the world’s most reliable developer of domestic appliances and commercial equipment, having manufactured assorted products that remain unrivaled in form and functionality.


This video offers a look at how Miele has touched the lives of millions. For over 100 years, Miele has amassed a following of satisfied devotees whose home lives have been touched by the sheer ingenuity and inspired performance of its appliances. Every Miele appliance emphasizes convenience and ease of use in its design, and the company’s commitment to customer care has cemented it as one of the best manufacturers in the world.


Friedmans Appliance offers numerous brands of home appliances to residents of Concord and the Bay Area, ensuring that everyone finds what they’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or by phone at (925) 265-8402.


A Look at the Ranges Offered from GE

GE Monogram Dual-Fuel Professional Range with 6 Burners and Grill - Natural Gas

Whether you are remodeling your entire kitchen or simply want a better way to cook meals for yourself and your family, a new range can dramatically improve the look and functionality of your kitchen. One of the most popular appliance brands in the world, GE has a large selection of cooking appliances to choose from. To help you select the right model for your kitchen, here is a closer look at some of the ranges offered by GE

Electric Ranges
GE’s electric ranges come in a multitude of configurations and feature both convection and induction cooking technology. GE’s electric double oven ranges are great for busy home chefs with large families. You can find an electric range from GE in one of six fabulous colors, including bisque, slate, and stainless steel.

Gas Ranges
If your home runs on gas, GE has a large selection of gas ranges to choose from. The cooktop features range from model to model, but you can expect a reversible cast-iron griddle/grill, tri-ring burners, and precise simmer burners on some of the higher-end models, such as those available in the GE Cafe™ and GE Profile™ series .

Double Oven Ranges
For the most versatile way to cook, consider a double oven range from GE. Available in gas and electric, GE’s double over ranges allow you to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures at the same time. And with up to 6.8 cubic feet of total oven capacity, GE’s double oven ranges provide plenty of room to cook the biggest of meals.

This is just a sample of the large selection of ranges offered by GE. To see these and other GE ranges up close, visit Friedmans Appliance. Since 1922, we have provided the best value on the finest home appliances in the Concord area . Visit our showroom today, or browse our appliances online. If you have any questions, call us at (925) 265-8402.

Add a Splash of Color with Viking Custom Warming Drawers

Custom Warming Drawer, Brass Accent from Friedmans Appliance

Viking warming drawers are incredibly versatile, with temperature settings from 90 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Viking also offers the largest warming drawer available at 1.6 cubic feet. You can even regulate the amount of moisture released from the drawer to keep crisp foods crisp and moist food moist. And thanks to 12 exclusive color finishes, you can add a splash of color to your kitchen with a new Viking warming drawer.

Viking’s 30-inch warming drawers are available in Apple Red, Wasabi, Cinnamon, Dijon, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and more. To see these colorful cooking appliances for yourself, visit Friedmans Appliance in Concord, CA. Since 1922, we have provided the Bay Area with the finest selection of home appliances from the most trusted brands in the world. Call our appliance store at (925) 265-8402 if you have questions about our selection of kitchen appliances.

Why the Difference is in the Details of Jenn-Air

On the surface, Jenn-Air kitchen appliances look like a lot of other models available today—but once you find out what’s inside a Jenn-Air appliance, you’ll know the difference immediately. It’s the small details that have helped Jenn-Air design the industry’s best performing wall oven and the #1 ranked built-in refrigerator three years running. Take a look at this video from Jenn-Air USA to learn more about the details that set Jenn-Air kitchen appliances apart from the rest.

No matter what type of kitchen appliance you need, Friedmans Appliance has what you are looking for. We carry a large selection of Jenn-Air kitchen appliances, including ranges, wall ovens, warming drawers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Browse our selection online, or call our appliance store in Concord at (925) 265-8402 if you have any questions.


How to Plan a Successful Kitchen Remodel

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After deciding to remodel the kitchen, many homeowners struggle with where to start. Some homeowners start by looking at new appliances , while others get inspiration from new cabinets and countertops. Wherever you choose to start, these following tips will help you once you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen.

Think About the Kitchen Layout
This should be your first step after green-lighting a kitchen remodeling project . Think about how you want to move around in your kitchen, including where you’ll prep, cook, and eat. Can you work with your existing kitchen footprint, or do you need to make an addition? This step will help guide you through the entirety of your kitchen remodeling project.

Organize Your Ideas
You’ve probably bookmarked dozens of websites or dog-eared hundreds of magazine pages that feature photos of kitchens you love. To help focus your creativity and inspiration, try to organize your ideas as best you can. If you prefer to daydream on your computer, make a new folder and save inspiring photos with a brief description of what you admire most about them. If you have dozens of kitchen design magazines lying around the house, cut out the pictures you love most and organize them in a folder or idea book.

Look for New Appliances
Even if you don’t have the exact schematics of your new kitchen completed, you should take every opportunity to get to browse for new kitchen appliances. You will be amazed with how much inspiration you can get from looking at a new oven or refrigerator. Knowing which appliances you want can also help you pick out the right cabinets, countertops, and flooring that will complement the style and color of your new appliances once they are installed in your dream kitchen.

For the best value on the largest selection of kitchen appliances in Concord , visit Friedmans Appliance. We offer remarkable kitchen appliances from the name brands you know and love, including Frigidaire, KitchenAid, GE, and Maytag. Browse our entire selection of home appliances on our website, or call us today at (925) 265-8402 if you have any questions. 

How To Pick The Perfect Oven [INFOGRAPHIC]

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert chef or a culinary beginner—having the right oven can make all the difference for your kitchen experience. Though all ovens have the same primary purpose, there are different types of ovens with a variety of features, so you can find the appliance that best suits your needs. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when you visit a home appliance store is whether you want a gas or electric oven. You’ll also have a choice between conventional, convection, and combination ovens, so consider your cooking habits to pick which is best for you. Modern wall ovens have all sorts of handy features like Sabbath mode, delayed start, and glass doors to make your life easier. Take a look at this infographic from your Concord appliance store to learn how to pick the perfect oven. Visit Friedmans Appliance in the Bay Area, and get cooking!


Cooking Demo From Electrolux on November 23rd!

Roasted turkey

We are pleased to announce that Electrolux will be visiting our Pleasant Hill showroom on Sunday Novermber 23rd at 11:00 am – 3:30 pm to demonstrate the Perfect Turkey Button available on select ovens. You don’t want to miss this!

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