• Home Appliance Purchasing and Delivery Options from Friedmans Appliance

    Friedmans Appliance Delivery

    Here at Friedmans Appliance, we are always working hard to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with his or her shopping experience. If you’re getting ready to purchase home appliances from us, then it’s important that you know a thing or two about our purchasing and delivery policies .

    Once you have found your perfect appliance, you can use cash or check in store as a payment method as well as any major credit card. If you prefer to have your new appliance shipped instead of delivering it yourself, you can expect to pay a one-time $99 fee, which ensures safe transport to anywhere in our Northern California trade area. This fee is exempt if your in-store or online purchase is $2,500 or more.

    In keeping with our commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction, Friedmans Appliance can also arrange for your appliances to be installed by a licensed professional in the region. If upon delivery or installation you realize that your home appliance is not working properly, then be sure to contact us right away, as most of our products are fully warrantied for up to one year. You can learn more about our purchasing and delivery policies by calling us today at (925) 265-8402


  • The GE Slate

    If you’re looking for a simple way to add a touch of style to your kitchen’s ordinary look, then it’s time for you to check out GE ‘s brand new finish, Slate. As you will see in this video, the Slate finish offers homeowners the ability to instantly transform a mundane cooking and dining space into a chic, editorial-worthy room. Slate mixes edge with elegance to create a sophisticated line of appliances.

    In addition to spicing up the look of your kitchen, GE’s Slate-finish products also have the potential to revolutionize your kitchen’s efficiency. Innovative features add to the appliances’ overall ability to make your kitchen stand out in the best way possible.

    Friedmans Appliance is proud to carry quality GE products for the kitchen as well as the laundry room and the home’s outdoor space. If you live in the Concord or Walnut Creek area and you’re interested in learning more about GE’s latest finish, call (925) 265-8402 or drop on by our showroom today!

  • The GE Monogram Outdoor/Indoor Refrigerator Module

    GE Monogram Refrigerator Available at Friedmans Appliance

    If you are in the process of renovating your backyard to include  a full-service outdoor kitchen, then don’t forget to add an indoor/outdoor refrigerator to your list of essential items to include in your remodel. There are a number of different styles and brands for you to choose from with help from the experienced staff at your Walnut Creek home appliance store . Here is a look at one style they are sure to endorse—the GE Monogram outdoor/indoor refrigerator module.

    Freestanding or Built-In Use
    The GE Monogram outdoor/indoor refrigerator module available at your Concord appliance store is a practical and versatile addition to your outdoor kitchen. It can be installed inside of the kitchen cabinetry or made to stand conveniently on its own within the space. Thanks to the module’s canopy top, it remains well-protected from the elements should you choose to leave it freestanding next to or on top of a bar.

    Interior Features
    The interior of this state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor fridge offers spill-proof shelves inside that are easy to wipe down in the event of a spilled potato salad or a leaky soda bottle. Other beneficial interior features include an easy-to-read thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of your chilled items. This is incredibly important should you choose to keep the appliance outdoors, as food items are more susceptible to rotting when exposed to inconsistent temperatures.

    Classic Exterior Appearance
    Whether you choose to place this refrigerator inside or outside, it’s sure to enhance the environment around it with its clean and classic stainless steel facade. The professional stainless steel style continues to be at the forefront of trendy design and complements décor as diverse as shabby chic to urban contemporary. To keep the fridge free from smudges , simply wipe it down using a gentle soap solution.

    The best way to learn more about this versatile and stylish refrigerator is to come check it out at Friedman’s Appliance in Concord . During your visit, you can find all of the other home appliances you need to create the indoor or outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Call (925) 265-8402 to speak to one of our appliance store employees about our brand name kitchen products.


  • Outdoor Cooking Must-Have: Big Green Egg

    Big Green Egg

    Summer has arrived in California and that means one thing: grilling season is officially here. If you haven’t yet prepared your outdoor space for barbecues and poolside parties, then it’s time to head into your Walnut Creek home appliance store to check out backyard essentials like the Big Green Egg. Let’s take a closer look at this must-have outdoor cooking item.

    Versatility In Cooking
    Those who have made the switch from a conventional cooker to the Big Green Egg can’t rave enough about its capacity to prepare food using a variety of preparation methods. With this barbecue, you can grill the perfect steak, bake a casserole, or even smoke the perfect leg of lamb. Its range and its size allow it to take on tasks that are impossible with standard cookers, such as grilling 24 burgers at a time or cooking two whole turkeys for a tasty Thanksgiving dinner.

    Physical Features
    The Big Green Egg comes in five convenient sizes, making it a great addition to backyards both big and small. The standard Egg sold at your Concord appliance store features a 24-inch diameter grid that allows it to heat food on a 452 square inch cooking space. At 205 pounds, the Big Green Egg is sturdy and reliable, meaning you never have to worry about it tipping over and injuring someone, as is a common concern with grills that are made top-heavy with the addition of heavy foods.

    Advantages Over Standard Grills
    One of the biggest advantages of bringing home a Big Green Egg from your appliance store is that it provides you with greater control over the cooking temperature. Since the Egg uses less fuel to reach a desired temperature, it requires less oxygen. The less oxygen that your food is exposed to, the more moisture it can retain and the juicier and tastier it will be.

    If you’re ready to find out how a Big Green Egg could enhance your summer barbecues, visit Friedman’s Appliance in Concord . We carry each of the five standard Egg sizes at our home appliance store as well as all of the essential Big Green Egg BBQ accessories. Call (925) 265-8402 to learn more about this product. 

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