SmartDrive Technology with Fisher & Paykel Washers & Dryers

Fisher & Paykel Laundry Appliances Available at Friedmans Appliance

An effective washer and dryer is a must-own for every household. At Friedmans Appliance , we offer a terrific selection of washers and dryers for you to choose from, including Fisher & Paykel washing machines and dryers. These machines are ergonomically designed to take up as little space in your house as possible, and they are powered by the unique SmartDrive Technology. Read on to learn the simple secret behind this astonishing system.

When you buy a traditional washer or dryer—the kind your parents probably owned—you are buying a complex machine with plenty of different parts interacting with each other. Unfortunately, that means that there’s also a lot of room for those parts to malfunction, inconveniencing you and resulting in the need for expensive repairs. There has to be a better way—and there is.

What sets Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive machines apart is that they are based on an extremely simple design. The machine consists of only three parts—a direct-drive motor, an agitator, and a small computer. When you put your clothes in the washing machine, it senses the size of each load and uses water accordingly. Your clothes get washed and dried with a minimum of energy use, and the machine is much less likely to break down.

If you’re in the market for a new washer, dryer, or another home appliance, it’s time to visit Friedmans Appliance. We provide great customer service, fair prices, and more than 2,000 products on display at our appliance store in Walnut Creek . From wall ovens to charcoal grills to electric dryers, we’ve got it all! At our store, you’ll find some of the best-known names in the industry, including Fisher & Paykel, FireMagic, and Viking. Call (925) 265-8402 for more information, or visit our website to track down the specific home appliance you are looking for.

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