Reasons to Own a Miele Vacuum

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Founded in Germany in 1899, Miele designs and produces some of the world’s most high-end appliances and vacuums. With their sleek design, unmatched effectiveness, and quiet operation, cleaning your house will never be the same once you switch to a Miele vacuum. In this article, we will outline the top reasons to own a Miele vacuum.

Emissions and Hygiene
If you don’t use a quality vacuum to clean your house, it can be easy to make a larger mess without even realizing it. Many vacuums discharge a surprisingly high number of emissions and small particles. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the presence of super-small particles indoors can cause a number of serious health risks, such as decreased lung function, heart attacks, irritation of the airways, and irregular heartbeat. Miele vacuums emit very low emissions, and are engineered with high-quality filters that trap and seal tiny particles.

Quality Assurance
If you do not want to replace your vacuum on a regular basis, a Miele vacuum will be perfect for you. Miele engineers conduct endurance testing on all of their vacuums to ensure that your vacuum will last well into the future.

Eye-Pleasing Design
In addition to their effectiveness, Miele vacuums are sleek, modern, and attractive. If you want to look forward to vacuuming your house every day, invest in a vacuum that looks as great as it works.

Expert Ergonomics
With customizable height adjustment and a lightweight design, Miele vacuums are built to ensure your comfort. There are even intelligent automatic settings that automatically adjust the vacuum’s intensity so that you don’t have to.

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Saving Energy With Your Kitchen Appliances

Did you know that choosing an energy-efficient appliance could save you as much as several hundred dollars over the life of the appliance? To learn more about how to choose kitchen appliances that will save you money on your energy bills, watch this video.

When choosing a dishwasher , look for one that uses sensors to determine how dirty the dishes are and how hot the water needs to be to get things clean. When looking for a refrigerator, consider a double-door design. When you open one of the doors, you will only let out half the amount of air that would escape when you open the door of a full-width refrigerator.

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Benefits of French Door Refrigeration

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Owing to both their practicality and the sleek design, French door refrigerators have become one of the most popular appliances in the Concord area. French door refrigerators are also more space-efficient and energy-efficient than most other types of refrigerators. If you are considering replacing your refrigerator, continue reading for a closer look at the advantages of going with a French door refrigerator.

Convenient Door Arrangement
If you hate bending over to search for things at the bottom of the fridge, you’ll love the convenience that comes with a French door refrigerator. With a French door fridge , the crisper drawer is high enough that you can see into it and access it without bending over. Since the doors of a French door refrigerator are narrower than the doors of a full-width refrigerator, they are very easy to open, especially when full of milk cartons and juice bottles.

Expand Your Kitchen Space
French door refrigerators are built to make the best use of space. Due to their double-door design, the doors of French door fridges do not swing open as widely as the doors of a single-door refrigerator. This design makes it easier for people in your home to open the refrigerator without stopping traffic in the kitchen.

Save Energy
Each time the door of a French door refrigerator is opened, less air escapes than would escape with a single-door design. There are even French door models that have a middle drawer where you can store your most frequently used items, which means that even less air gets out when you open the drawer.

Enjoy a Stylish Refrigerator Design
In addition to being eco-friendly, French door fridges are attractive. Installing a French door refrigerator is a guaranteed way to revamp your kitchen, especially if you are going for a modern look.

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