Microwave Oven Styles

Microwave- focus on handle

Some people use the microwave oven almost every day, while others see it as the best way to defrost frozen food and reheat leftovers. However you use the microwave oven, you should consider exploring the different types before you buy a new one. Read this article for an overview of the different types of microwave ovens out there.


If you have a lot of counter space and do not want to spend more on a microwave oven than you have to, a countertop model is ideal. You can buy a compact countertop microwave oven for a great value, or upgrade to a midsize or large model for increased capacity and more features. Many microwave oven brands overstate their capacity by counting unused space; if you’re shopping for a countertop microwave oven, you may want to bring a platter to the appliance store to better compare sizes.


An over-the-range microwave oven is great if you have limited counter space or you don’t want your microwave oven sitting on the counter. One drawback to this type of microwave oven is that it doesn’t vent as well as other types of microwave ovens, and they require professional installation by an electrician.


These microwave ovens can fit seamlessly into your kitchen and perfectly complement your decor. They must be professionally installed, so they’re not the best option if you’re on a tight budget. People typically place built-in microwave ovens above the counter or stove.

Halogen Light

This unique oven uses halogen light to cook food. Halogen technology provides a more even distribution of heat, which leads to quicker cooking. The heat is so intense inside a halogen light oven that in many cases you don’t need to defrost food before cooking it. You can even use a halogen light oven to broil or roast your food.

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