Selecting the Perfect Wine Cooler


If you are a wine aficionado, one of the most important  home appliances  you can own is a high-quality wine cooler. In addition to storing numerous bottles, wine coolers can keep your valuable wine collection in prime condition for years. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect wine cooler:

Select the Right Interior

As with all types of appliances, some wine coolers are simply better than others. When you are shopping for a cooler, you need to find one that is made from the right interior material. Typically, high-quality wine coolers have textured, aluminum interiors. If a model does not have these specifications, you should consult an appliance professional before purchasing it.

Consider Space

When choosing a wine cooler, you need to consider how much space you will need. If you usually only have a few bottles of wine on hand, it might be better to get one of Danby’s countertop wine coolers, which can hold anywhere from six to seventeen bottles. If you have a lot of wine in your collection and need more space, one of Marvel’s Wine Grotto cooler models will probably meet your needs better, since they can hold up to thirty bottles.

Evaluate Shelving

Shelving is another important factor to consider when finding the right wine cooler. In general, wood is the best shelving material for wine fridges because it is strong and durable. However, many manufacturers, including Electrolux and Aga, craft high-quality fridges that have sturdy aluminum shelves. Whether you decide on aluminum or wood shelving, make sure that the shelves can roll out, which will make finding bottles of wine much easier.

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