GE’s Professional Gas Ranges


There are a number of benefits of using a gas-powered range rather than one powered by electricity. Gas cooktops heat up and cool down much faster than electric ranges, and they are less expensive to operate. If you are in the market for a new gas range, read this article to learn about GE’s Professional Gas Ranges and which  appliance store  in Concord, CA offers them for a great value.

GE Monogram 36” Dual-Fuel Professional Range

The GE Monogram 36” is a dual-fuel range powered by natural gas. You can get it in the 4-burner design with either an aluminum-clad 18,000-BTU griddle or a ceramic-infrared 14,000-BTU grill with a stainless steel grill cover. You can even purchase this range with a total of 6 burners. With LED task lights and a self-cleaning over, this GE Professional gas range is the modern range you’ve been looking for.

GE Monogram 48” Dual-Fuel Professional Range

This GE Monogram 48” Dual-Fuel Professional gas-powered range is as large as they come, with a total capacity of 8.25 cubic feet. You can get a 4-burner model with a grill and a griddle, a 6-burner model with a grill, or a 6-burner model with a griddle.

GE Monogram 30” Dual-Fuel Professional Range

Coming in all-gas or dual-fuel configurations, this compact GE Monogram Professional range is perfectly sized if you need just 4 burners for your next  gas range . It comes with an infrared, thermostatically controlled broil burner that sears meats, locks in juices, and provides excellent browning for your baked goods. Its heavy-duty oven racks glide smoothly in and out of the oven for easy access. The burner grates are even reversible, making it easier for you to cook with your flat-bottom and round-bottom cookware.

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