Tips for Cooking Outdoors

Grilling is truly one of the great American passions, but not everyone feels comfortable manning a charcoal or propane grill. In this video, you will get a quick primer about cooking outdoors. Some of the most important things to remember when grilling are to keep your grill away from the house and to make sure your meat is cooked all the way through. This video will also tell you about the difference between charcoal and propane grills and what accessories every new griller needs to pick up.

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Tips for Cooking on Your New Backyard Grill


Purchasing a new grill is a great way to upgrade your back patio. However, the art of grilling can take some time to master. Check out the tips below, which will help you learn the best ways to grill up foods for your friends and family.

Purchase the Right Tools

The most important tool you need for grilling is, of course, the grill. Once you’ve picked out the perfect grill, you’ll need to get a few accessories to make your grilled dinner dreams a reality. Tools that have long handles are ideal for grilling, as they are safer to use with a grill than short-handled options. Tongs, spatulas, and brushes are all necessary for grilling. If you plan on cooking meats or poultry, you should also pick up a meat thermometer. A grilling basket is the perfect tool if you want to grill vegetables or fruits.

Get the Optimal Temperature

There is more to cooking on a grill than just lighting it. Once you have lit your grill, you need to achieve the right cooking temperature and determine the best placement for your food. The type of food you are cooking will have an impact on what the best temperature is and whether you should use direct or indirect cooking, so be sure to closely follow any recipe you are using. With direct cooking, you place the food directly over the source of heat. With indirect cooking, the food is cooked to the side with the grill lid down.

Add the Right Flavor

There are a few steps you can take to get the best flavor out of your grilled foods. Charcoal grills naturally add a smoky flavor. If you like a smoky flavor but have a gas grill, you can try cooking with wood chips. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your grill when it comes to cooking with wood chips. Another great option is cooking with herbs—you can soak dry herbs and then place them on the grill along with your foods. Be sure to also explore the world of rubs and marinades—these are ideal for bringing out the best flavors of grilled meats, poultry, and seafood.

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Choosing the Right Refrigerator Style for Your Home

refrigerator with thread cubes

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the refrigerator is one of the most important elements of the kitchen. In addition to having a refrigerator that looks good, it’s essential that you choose an appliance that meets your family’s food storage needs. Here are a few tips to help you select the right refrigerator style when you head to the appliance store .

Get the Right Fit

Before you begin looking at every refrigerator at your local appliance store, it’s important to narrow down your options by size. Carefully measure the area you have available in your kitchen to ensure your refrigerator will fit without extending beyond the countertops. In addition to measuring the spot where you will set the refrigerator, be sure to also measure the space between where the refrigerator will sit and the counter or cabinets across the way to ensure you’ll be able to open the refrigerator door completely. Don’t forget to measure the height to ensure you don’t purchase a model that’s too tall!

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

Once you have determined what size refrigerator you can fit in your kitchen, consider what style will work best with your storage needs. If you keep a lot of frozen items on hand, having a side-by-side model will be ideal. If the freezer is little used, consider a refrigerator option that has the freezer on the top or bottom. Refrigerators that have shelves which you can remove and rearrange can be helpful if you often store large items or entertain on a regular basis.

Look for Style

Modern refrigerators come in a variety of looks to fit any home design. Stainless steel options look great in everything from modern to traditional kitchens, but may not be ideal for homes with young children due to their tendency to show fingerprints. Refrigerators with coated metal exteriors can be a great alternative. If you enjoy a minimalist look, consider purchasing a model that can be integrated into your kitchen design with an exterior that matches your cabinets.

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Tips for Conserving Energy Costs

Energy efficiency and green living are more than just fads—they are important parts of many modern households’ daily functions. If you conserve energy and water, you can ensure that your home’s utility costs are kept to a minimum.

This video provides several tips to help improve your home’s efficiency. You’ll learn ways to conserve water everywhere from the bathroom to the garden. You will also discover ways to reduce phantom energy loss.

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Reasons to Choose an Energy Star Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Modern refrigerator isolated on white

Are you shopping for a new refrigerator for your home? Consider an Energy Star-certified model with a bottom freezer. When you purchase an Energy Star appliance, you can be certain that it meets high standards for efficiency. This means you’ll save money on your utility bills and lower your household’s environmental footprint. Choosing a refrigerator model that has a bottom freezer also offers numerous advantages. With a bottom freezer, you’ll never have to stand on your tiptoes trying to see what is at the back of the freezer—all items will be easily visible and accessible. This also means that you won’t have to worry about several items tumbling out of the freezer when you reach into the back for your favorite tub of ice cream. If you have children who often prepare their own snacks, choosing a refrigerator with a bottom freezer will make it easy for them to safely access the frozen items they need. You can even find freezers that offer a storage basket on the bottom shelf so you can easily store items that may be difficult to stack.

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