Reasons to Choose an Energy Star Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Modern refrigerator isolated on white

Are you shopping for a new refrigerator for your home? Consider an Energy Star-certified model with a bottom freezer. When you purchase an Energy Star appliance, you can be certain that it meets high standards for efficiency. This means you’ll save money on your utility bills and lower your household’s environmental footprint. Choosing a refrigerator model that has a bottom freezer also offers numerous advantages. With a bottom freezer, you’ll never have to stand on your tiptoes trying to see what is at the back of the freezer—all items will be easily visible and accessible. This also means that you won’t have to worry about several items tumbling out of the freezer when you reach into the back for your favorite tub of ice cream. If you have children who often prepare their own snacks, choosing a refrigerator with a bottom freezer will make it easy for them to safely access the frozen items they need. You can even find freezers that offer a storage basket on the bottom shelf so you can easily store items that may be difficult to stack.

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