Trends in Refrigerator Style and Design

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Refrigerators aren’t just big cold boxes that keep food fresh and shows of your children’s artwork. Today’s refrigerators are equipped with next-gen conveniences that make life easier and even help you save money. Modern refrigerators are also much more stylish than they were in the past, sometimes even acting as the main focal point of the kitchen. If you are in the market for a new refrigerator , here is a look at some of the latest refrigerator style and design trends. 

Armoire Refrigerators

Also known as French-door refrigerators, armoire refrigerators themselves aren’t exactly new—but there are new armoire styles to choose from. LG and GE Profile, for example, offer new armoire style refrigerators with double lower freezer drawers. Haier America even makes armoire refrigerators with convertible bottom drawers that can be used as extra refrigerator space or a freezer, depending on your needs.

Interior Features

What really sets modern refrigerators apart from those of the past are interior features. Door-mounted water and ice isn’t new, but several manufacturers have improved upon this convenience, such as Maytag’s Fill-n-Chill dispenser that serves ice and water at the same time. Dedicated soda can storage racks are a popular option that can help you get organized. There are also now a plethora of temperature- and humidity-controlled compartments that can keep your meat and produce fresher, longer.

Energy Star Certified

Eco-friendly is definitely “in” in 2014, so look for the Energy Star label when looking for a new refrigerator. Energy Star qualified refrigerators use at least 20 percent less energy than required by current federal standards, and 40 percent less than models sold in 2001.

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