Essential Grill Maintenance Tips

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Grilling is a beloved summer pastime. Some people in Concord and Walnut Creek even grill all year round. If you consider yourself an avid griller, you should do everything you can to keep your grill in great shape for as long as possible. Whether you own a Viking, Napoleon, or FireMagic Gas Grill , these tips will allow you to keep grilling for years to come.

Cook with Oil

One way to maintain your grill is to adequately prepare it before you start grilling. You can prevent food from sticking to the grill by spraying the grate with oil that doesn’t smoke until it reaches a high temperature. Coating the grate with oil will minimize the amount of scraping you have to do later.

Scrape the Grate

Unfortunately, no amount of oil will prevent your grill from getting dirty. To maximize scraping effectiveness, experts recommend scraping while the grill is still slightly warm. Wire brushes are ideal for scraping, though a ball of aluminum foil will also do the trick.  

Gently Remove Rust

After each use, be sure to wipe up spills to prevent your grill from corroding. It’s also a good idea to put a waterproof cover on your grill to protect it from rain and rust. If your grill accumulates a small amount of rust, however, it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove. You can restore your grill’s appearance by scrubbing the rust with a steel-wool pad and spraying the area with special paint.

Clean Annually

Even if you take good care of your grill on a regular basis, it’s important to give it a thorough cleaning once a year. Spraying your grill with a mixture of vinegar and water can help break up the burnt food particles in your grill, making them easy to wipe away.

Once your current grill gets too old to maintain, consider purchasing a new one from Friedman’s Appliance. We carry high-quality BBQs from Alfresco, Wolf, Capital, and other famous brands. If you live in Pleasant Hill, Concord, or Walnut Creek, please call our appliance store at (925) 265-8402.


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