Comparing Different Styles of Refrigerators

refrigerator with thread cubes

If your refrigerator is on its way out and the time has come to buy new one, you may be in for a treat. Developments in refrigeration technology have shaken up the appliance industry, and today’s selection of refrigerators is better than ever. The most popular refrigerator design styles include the following.

Freezer on Top

Conventional and appropriate for most kitchens, refrigerators with freezers on top tend to be the most cost-effective models available. Though useful and affordable, this style of fridge tends to have a run-of-the-mill appearance. Also, most people who use this type of fridge have to bend over or squat when fetching non-frozen goods.

Freezer on Bottom

An inversion of the freezer on top model, a refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom makes refrigerated goods more accessible. The flip-side is that frozen goods can be difficult to get at, since the handle of the freezer compartment is rarely higher than 20 or so inches above the ground.

Side-by-Side Freezer and Fridge

The perfect refrigeration system for narrow kitchens, side-by-side refrigerators are all about space efficiency. In addition to requiring little clearance space for opening doors, this style of fridge generally contains drawers and shelves that make it easy to use all of your refrigeration space while keeping it organized. It also offers the advantage of storing frequently used refrigerated and frozen goods at an ideal height. If you like the idea of having narrow refrigerator doors, but would prefer to have wide shelves and storage drawers in your fridge, consider a French-door style model .

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