Reasons to Choose a French Door Refrigerator

refrigerator with thread cubes

One of the most important kitchen appliances in your home is the refrigerator. From cooking essentials such as milk, cheese, and produce, to family essentials such as leftover pizza and pudding snacks, your family’s refrigerator holds some of the most important foods in the kitchen. This means that the refrigerator is opened and closed countless times per day. Why not choose one that looks great, functions well, and saves money? Here are some reasons why your next home appliance purchase should be a French door refrigerator:

French door models are trendy. For a sleek, modern look that is in high demand right now, a French door refrigerator is the way to go. These models are prominently featured in home cooking shows and magazines because of their functionality and beauty. Upgrade your kitchen with one appliance purchase!

French door refrigerators save space. Because you only open one door—half the width of the refrigerator—you save precious space in your kitchen. This can be a lifesaver in a small kitchen, or in a home where the kitchen is the heart of the house.

French doors save energy. Only opening one door at a time lets less cold air out, meaning the appliance doesn’t work as hard to get the air inside to the optimal temperature again. Models with a drawer above the freezer drawer can save even more energy by allowing you to put the most commonly used items there, preventing the entire door from being opened over and over.

French doors give you options and convenience. With the entire top of the appliance dedicated to refrigeration, you can easily store party platters, large cakes, and tons of food for your family. No more pizzas sliding to the side, no more jumbled up party trays! You can fit almost anything inside the convenient French doors, and the freezer gives you more options for stacking and storing items. Any way you stack it, French door models are a great choice for your kitchen!

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