Essential Kitchen Appliances for the At-Home Chef

Luxury wood kitchen with granite countertop.

Cooking at home is a relaxing activity for those who consider themselves amateur chefs or simply love food preparation. But, cooking is made easier for those at-home chefs—and more fun for everyone else—when your Concord home features the best kitchen appliances . These essentials make cooking a dream job, not a chore! Here is an overview of the appliances all kitchens must have:

Refrigerators and Freezers.  The at-home chef must have a way to safely store perishable foods. Refrigerators and freezers are absolutely essential kitchen appliances. You can choose from French door models, top mount freezer models, and freezer-less refrigerators with a standalone freezer. Consider the amount of space you have and the number of items you want to keep in your cold storage to determine the kind of refrigeration system you need.

Ranges. Range options vary greatly, from freestanding to drop-in to slide-in. While the standard size is 30 inches, ranges come in other sizes to fit any kitchen plan you can dream up. At-home chefs have the option of gas, electric, and induction ranges. Visiting a home appliance store is often a good way to see all the different range options available to you.

Ovens. Another kitchen essential is an oven. Ovens can be part of a range combo, or they can be standalone. Wall ovens are popular, and warming drawers near ovens or ranges provide an excellent way for the amateur chef to keep foods piping hot until serving. Ovens are also available in gas, electric, and convection. If baking is what makes your chef’s heart beat, consider a double wall oven for twice the baked goodness!

At Friedmans Appliance in Concord, we offer all the essential kitchen appliances the at-home chef needs, as well as grills and accessories for the outdoor kitchen. We can help you choose the appliances that will work best in your home and with your cooking style. To find out more about the items we carry and how we can make your kitchen a dream kitchen, call us at 925-265-8402.

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