Fresher Food with Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero units are at the top of many people’s kitchen appliance wish lists, and for good reason. These amazing machines offer the perfect conditions for food preservation on both the refrigerator and the freezer side. The Sub-Zero controls humidity and temperature separately for both sides, leading to fresher food, less spoilage, and less waste.

This model, unlike others, has a different compressor and evaporator for each side. This allows for cool, humid conditions in the refrigerator and dry, frigid conditions in the freezer. The importance of this feature? Refrigerated foods, such as produce, needs to be kept cool and humid for optimal preservation, while less moisture on the freezer side prevents dreaded freezer burn.

To get fresher food and keep perishables in top condition longer, visit Friedmans Appliance in Concord for a Sub-Zero refrigerator. Our home appliances will help you create the home you want. Call us today at 925-265-8402 to learn more.

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