The Sub-Zero Refrigerator Difference

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One of the most important home appliances in your kitchen is your refrigerator. You can choose a plain, run-of-the-mill model, or you can choose a stunning, high-performance model that looks as good as it runs. If you want to make the most of your refrigerator, a Sub-Zero can offer you everything you need and want—and maybe even a few things you didn’t know you wanted. Here are some of the reasons to make your biggest home appliance choice a Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Amazing Performance

What do you get when you combine the technology of NASA with a refrigerator? A Sub-Zero unit . Keeping your refrigerator at exactly the right temperature and moisture level is a precise science, and the Sub-Zero utilizes research from NASA to give your fridge that specific control. Sub-Zero has commitment to the science of refrigeration, so you’ll benefit from the latest advances in compressor technology as well. What this means for you is colder food, exact moisture control, better preservation, and less spoilage.

Stunning Good Looks

Sub-Zero gives you many options for styles and colors for your refrigerator. Choose from units that blend into your cabinet design, or pick a model made from sleek, shiny stainless steel. Your refrigerator can be completely integrated into your kitchen, without a single visible hinge. With a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you can rest assured that no matter what style you choose, your appliance will be sleek and powerful.

Options Galore

In addition to different styles and finishes, you can choose from Sub-Zero units that are designed to go under counters, offer wine storage, or are only refrigerators. You can even choose an option for your outdoor kitchen, vacation home, or wet bar area.

To bring a Sub-Zero and all of its features to your Concord home, visit Friedmans Appliance today. We can help you choose the perfect refrigerator and other home appliances. Call us at (925) 265-8402 or visit us online to learn more about our appliance selection.

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