Your Guide to Better Grilling

Grilled rib steak

While grilling is often thought of as only a summertime cooking method, many people enjoy grilling year-round. Take advantage of warmer days this winter and bring a little bit of summer inside with a delicious grilled meal. If you have a range that features a grill grate in your kitchen, you can grill inside even if there’s snow outside! Here are some tips to help you grill better, whether it’s summer or winter.

Prepare the Grill

Preheat your grill about 20 minutes prior to beginning cooking. This gives the grill time to reach the proper temperature, and gives you a chance to do other prep work. Warm grills are easier to clean, so scrape the grates as they warm. Oil the grates before placing food on them to prevent sticking. To do this, use grilling tongs to swipe a paper towel dampened with oil over the grates. Remember to follow safety guidelines for proper ventilation and fire prevention.

Prepare the Food

Some foods that need to marinate may have to be left in the refrigerator overnight to achieve the best results. Other things can be marinated for an hour or less. Be sure to keep perishable foods properly refrigerated until just before it’s time to grill . If you’ll be grilling kabobs, soak the wooden skewers to prevent burning. Prep and chop as much food as possible before you start grilling to ensure a quick and smooth cooking process.

Get Grilling

Carefully position your food on the grill racks. Adjust the location based on the temperature of the grill and the recommended cooking temperature for the food. Use a meat thermometer to ensure any beef, pork, or poultry is cooked adequately. Try a grilling basket for veggies or delicate fish to prevent the dreaded food-in-the-flames problem. After grilling, let meats rest about 10 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat. This is a great time to get fruit or vegetables on the grill for a quick searing.

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