Touring the Latest Refrigerator Features

Are you getting ready to buy a new refrigerator? If you haven’t replaced this essential appliance in many years, then you might be surprised at the many features that newer models have to offer, and in fridge evolution in general. Be sure to check out the video featured here to learn more about how today’s modern refrigerators can revolutionize your kitchen space.

As the appliance expert from LG explains, one of the most stand-out features that today’s fridges offer is the placement of the freezer on the bottom. They can also be easily adjusted to accommodate items of all shapes and heights, thanks to carefully designed slide away shelves and an increased interior space.

If it’s time for you to equip your kitchen with a new refrigerator , then be sure to come and browse the many options available at your Friedman Appliance showroom. To learn more about the brands and appliances that we carry, call us today at (925) 265-8402.


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