A Guide to Choosing New Kitchen Appliances

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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new house or you’re just ready to renovate the one you currently call “home”, you can count on the home appliance experts here at Friedman’s Appliance to assist you in selecting the perfect kitchen appliances to complement your indoor space. From refrigerators to dishwashers, there are several essential appliances you won’t want to overlook when planning the layout of your kitchen. Here is our guide to choosing new kitchen appliances:

Consider a Commercial-Style Cooktop

Many homeowners are spicing up their kitchens these days with commercial or commercial-inspired cooktops. The appeal of these cooktops for novice or even advanced chefs is that they offer more features that make it easier to prepare a variety of stove top foods, from pasta sauces to tasty curries. Experts advise buyers to invest in cooktops that have an inner and outer flame to ensure best results.

Invest in a Great Exhaust System

One kitchen component that is too frequently overlooked is the exhaust system for a stove or cooktop. You should consult with home appliance experts when purchasing an exhaust system to make sure that it will be suitable for your stove top. Exhausts will improve indoor air quality in your home and can even add to the visual appeal of your cooking space.

Choose the Right Style of Oven for Your Needs

Should you choose a standard or convection oven for your kitchen? While that might be a tricky question to tackle, it’s far easier to answer if you know what type of cooking you want to focus on. If you prefer having a variety of options when preparing food, however, then consider purchasing a double oven from your Concord appliance store.

Focus on Function When Shopping for a Fridge

Since the fridge often acts as the heart of every kitchen, it’s wise to select one that will meet all of the needs of your family and your lifestyle. Make sure to look for a refrigerator that will comfortably accommodate your family’s weekly food supply while still fitting in the kitchen. To be safe, make sure there will be at least 2 inches of door allowance on each side of the appliance once it is installed.

Here at Friedman’s Appliance , we are committed to helping each customer find the right appliances to meet their needs and preferences. No matter which part of the home you’d like to enhance with new appliances, our team of experts is always ready to assist. To learn more about our appliances, call (925) 265-8402.

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