Reasons to Purchase an Electrolux Induction Oven

Electrolux Induction Oven

(Image Source: Friedmans Appliance, Electrolux 30″ Induction Built-In Range)

From professional kitchens to small-scale residential kitchens, induction ovens and cooktops are popping up all over thanks to the many advantages they present over their more traditional counterparts. One highly sought-after induction model that we’re excited to share with customers at Friedmans Appliance is the Electrolux induction oven. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider introducing this oven into your busy kitchen:

Quick and Efficient Heating
Those who have already added the Electrolux induction oven to their kitchen’s home appliance arsenal know that one of its greatest features its ability to quickly heat up. Because of its ability to magnetically grip to your cookware, it can heat pots and pans immediately and begin warming foods and liquids, saving you precious time each day.

Energy-Friendly Cooking
Less time heating food also means less energy wasted. Induction ovens are energy smart thanks to their efficiency, and Electrolux is particularly dedicated to enhancing sustainability and reducing waste in the home. Energy smart home appliances will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you a considerable amount of money on utilities throughout the year.

Easy-to-Use Controls and Settings
Although the Electrolux induction oven is sleek and attractive, it’s hardly intimidating for users thanks to its easy-to-use features and settings. With this oven and range from your Concord appliance store, you can decide the exact heat that each burner will cook food at as well as the cooking method that is ideal for each item, such as a slow simmer or a pan fry.

If an induction oven from Electrolux is on the top of your kitchen appliance wish list, then be sure to come into Friedmans Appliance today. The friendly staff at our Concord appliance store can share with you all of the additional features that this oven has to offer and assist you in implementing it into your kitchen design plans. Call us at (925) 265-8402 to learn more about the name brand appliances that we carry.

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