What Are Door In Door Refrigerators?

Today’s refrigerators offer countless advantages over the clunky and inefficient models of the past. As you will see in this insightful video, door in door refrigerators offer easy-to-access storage compartments built right into the front of the main fridge doors.

Thanks to the door in door design, users don’t have to let out cold air from the fridge as they search for a certain item that has been placed up front. Instead of opening the entire door, you simply press the camouflaged knob on the handle, and pull for instant access to small beverages, snacks, or fruits.

If this video inspired you to learn a little more about door in door refrigerators, then be sure to visit the showroom at Friedmans Appliance today. Call us at (925) 265-8402 to discover what other modern and innovative appliances we carry.

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