• How to Choose a New Grill

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    The summer season has arrived, and now is the perfect time to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams by visiting an appliance store in Concord. One of the key appliances to include in your outdoor kitchen is a grill. With a variety of styles and models to choose from, it is essential to do your research before you purchase this outdoor kitchen appliance. To choose a grill, you should first decide whether a gas or charcoal model is right for your cooking style. Next, you can select between a range of features, including various burners, cooking settings, and more.

    For help planning your outdoor kitchen, do not hesitate to contact Friedmans Appliance by calling (925) 808-2950. As a leading appliance store in the Walnut Creek area, we are uniquely qualified to help you select the kitchen appliances of your dreams. Our sales team looks forward to assisting you at our conveniently located showroom .

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  • What Are the Benefits of Gas Ranges?

    With so many types of cooking appliances in Concord to choose from, the deciding factor for kitchen stoves may boil down to whether you want an electric cooktop or a gas one. Both models are great performers, but for certain cooking applications, the general consensus favors gas ranges.

    Speed of Cooking
    When it comes to heating food or boiling water, both electric and gas ranges are highly effective at getting the job done quickly. However, in a head-to-head competition, gas ranges are a bit faster. This is because they don’t require a warm-up period in the same way electric ranges do—when gas is ignited and the flames are on, cooking can begin immediately.

    Cooking Experience
    If you truly enjoy the craft of cooking, you already know of the advantages of gas ranges over electric . Not only do they provide excellent temperature control for dishes that require cooking finesse, but they also offer versatility. For example, if you want to prepare a stir-fry in a wok on an electric burner, you may discover that it’s not the best cooking surface for the job. However, if you are attempting the same dish on a gas burner, you will get even heat coverage.

    When making a decision to purchase a home appliance, be sure to think ahead and consider overall energy efficiency. Gas ranges may cost more to purchase upfront than electric ranges, but they will save you in operational costs in the long run because gas-fueled models tend to be more energy efficient. Gas ranges with electric ignition instead of a pilot light are especially cost effective.

    At Friedmans Appliances, we provide a wide range of gas cooktops that can satisfy your cooking needs. Contact one of our helpful representatives today at (925) 265-8402 for more information. Or come visit our impressive, state-of-the-art showroom in the greater Contra Costa County, and see why we have been a Bay Area institution since 1922.

  • An Essential Guide to Purchasing a New Stove

    Cooking - Happy woman in modern kitchen, pot on stove

    Whether you just bought your first house or are deciding to upgrade again, buying a new stove requires a little research. At Friedmans Appliance in Concord, there is a large variety of ranges and cooktops to choose from. So, the question remains: How can you make an informed decision on choosing the correct stove for your home?

    Food Preparation and Cleanup
    Most experts and professionals prefer gas-powered stoves for cooking, and the reason is simple: control. Using gas means being able to quickly control for very high and very low temperatures. That said, many families still prefer electric ovens because they look sleeker and are easier to clean. Ultimately, this decision hinges on your personal preference: Would you rather have a lot of control over how your meals are prepared or do you not mind having less control for an easier-to-manage kitchen?

    Operating Costs
    Be sure to also consider operating costs. Gas stoves with electric ignitors tend to cost less to use than electric stoves. On the other hand, pilot light stoves continuously use a small amount of gas, so their energy costs can be higher than electric models’. A gas stove will also ultimately cost more if gas lines are not already installed in the kitchen.

    Additional Options
    A stove’s specific options may further influence your decision to go gas or electric. For example, only electric stoves have expandable elements to fit a variety of pots and pans, but very high- or low-heat burners can only easily be found on gas stoves. You must then consider other options such as sealed gas burners, which make cleaning gas stoves more convenient; ceramic glass tops for electric stoves, which make the appliance easier to clean but limit your cooking options; dual-fuel stoves, which allow you to have the best of both worlds with a gas stove and an electric oven; and more.

    Buying any appliance can be a complex decision, and here at Friedmans Appliance, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a new stove or any other kind of home appliance , we have hundreds of models to choose from, all from trusted brands. We’re here to help, so if you have any questions, please call us at (925) 265-8402.

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