What Are the Benefits of Gas Ranges?

With so many types of cooking appliances in Concord to choose from, the deciding factor for kitchen stoves may boil down to whether you want an electric cooktop or a gas one. Both models are great performers, but for certain cooking applications, the general consensus favors gas ranges.

Speed of Cooking
When it comes to heating food or boiling water, both electric and gas ranges are highly effective at getting the job done quickly. However, in a head-to-head competition, gas ranges are a bit faster. This is because they don’t require a warm-up period in the same way electric ranges do—when gas is ignited and the flames are on, cooking can begin immediately.

Cooking Experience
If you truly enjoy the craft of cooking, you already know of the advantages of gas ranges over electric . Not only do they provide excellent temperature control for dishes that require cooking finesse, but they also offer versatility. For example, if you want to prepare a stir-fry in a wok on an electric burner, you may discover that it’s not the best cooking surface for the job. However, if you are attempting the same dish on a gas burner, you will get even heat coverage.

When making a decision to purchase a home appliance, be sure to think ahead and consider overall energy efficiency. Gas ranges may cost more to purchase upfront than electric ranges, but they will save you in operational costs in the long run because gas-fueled models tend to be more energy efficient. Gas ranges with electric ignition instead of a pilot light are especially cost effective.

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