• A Look at Bottom Mount Refrigerators

    Bottom mount refrigerators , also known as bottom freezer refrigerators, differ from traditional, top mount refrigerators in that they have their freezer component at ground level instead of being at the top of the fridge. The freezer door opens in the same manner as a drawer. This configuration allows frozen foods, as well as items in the refrigeration section that tend to be used with more frequency, such as milk, to be easily accessible.

    These bottom mount models are not as common as their top mount or 50/50 split-door counterparts, and they tend to cost more than traditional fridges. They are stylish and modern, and make a great addition to design-conscious kitchens.

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  • Top Grilling Tips for Summer

    Summer is in full swing and you’re ready to fire up the grill. Here are some top tips to help you become your family’s grill master. Always clean and oil your grill grates before cooking. When grilling, use tools that are designed for grilling—these specialized cooking tongs, forks, and brushes are elongated to protect cooks by keeping hands away from the intense heat emanating from charcoal or gas grills. Regarding meat, remember never to place cooked meat back on plates or in bowls that contained them while they were raw or marinating. Watch this video to learn some more helpful grilling tips.

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  • Choosing the Right Washing Machine for Your Family

    Buying a new washing machine can be a daunting task—there’s more to the process than just focusing on how it cleans. With all of the models on the market today, you may find yourself stumped. However, by simply taking your family’s needs into consideration, you’ll be able to choose the right washing machine for your home.

    Size Matters

    Washing machines come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any budget, space constraint, or need. Before you purchase a new washer, measure the dimensions of the space you’re planning to put it to make sure that it will fit. Consider how washer doors will be able to open and close, as well as room doors—you don’t want doors banging against walls or against the appliances themselves. In small or narrow spaces, you may be limited to stackable, front-loading models. Also, take note of how much washing you intend to do and what kinds of things you want to wash. Washing machines without agitators offer the most capacity.

    Budget Constraints

    Just because you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a washer doesn’t mean you’re automatically stuck with a potentially unreliable or poorly performing model. Focus on effectiveness. You’ll find that a less expensive washing machine comes with a reduced amount of washing-cycle options. If you’re on a budget, opt for basic white models, which tend to be much more affordable than those with fancy paint jobs.

    Clothing Care

    Front-loading washers tend to clean clothes better than top-loading ones. Since they don’t have agitators, front loaders won’t mangle or distress your clothes. If you have the money, choose a washer that has several specialty cycles that cater to different fabrics to ensure that your clothes are properly washed.

    Water and Energy Efficiency

    If you’re concerned with finding a washing machine that conserves water and electricity, be prepared to do some comparative research. In a pinch, look for models that have an Energy Star label on them, which can reduce your water usage by about 35% and your electricity usage by 20% over traditional washers.

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  • Exploring the Friedmans Appliance Mission

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