Understanding the Different Types of Grills

One of life’s great pleasures is being able to cook and entertain outside in the summertime. Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs are summer staples, and for good reason. With several types of grills on the market today, which one is right for you? When you’re ready to buy a new grill or to upgrade from one you currently own, here are some popular types of grills you should consider.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills, as the name suggests, utilizes charcoal briquettes as a fuel source to grill food. Since briquettes are made from compressed wood ash, as well as sawdust, they add a smoky flavor to food, which some people prefer. They also provide a hotter heat than gas grills, which help to achieve those iconic grill marks on meat. These grills do take longer to get going than other types of grills because charcoal needs to be prepped before cooking can begin. Though charcoal grills are relatively inexpensive to purchase, they can be more costly to operate.

Gas Grills

Fast, portable, and fairly easy to use, gas grills are the most popular choices for backyard grilling and entertaining. These types of grills usually run on refillable tanks of propane that can be connected to them. If you desire, you can alter these grills to be attached to your home’s natural gas line. Unlike their charcoal counterparts, gas grills do not impart extra flavor to meats or vegetables.

Electric Grills

Electric grills use metal grill plates that can be heated to high temperatures. These grills are a decent alternative to ones that utilize fire to cook food, and tend to be common where municipal laws prohibit or highly regulate the use of fire. The beauty of these grills is their versatility—you can use them indoors or outdoors, and they are ready to cook wherever electricity sources are available.

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