A Homeowner’s Guide to Buying a Refrigerator

If you walk down the refrigerator aisle of your local home appliance store, you’re bound to see a wide variety of refrigerator styles , sizes, and technological features that are available to consumers today. Newer refrigerators are designed to be much more energy-efficient than their older counterparts, and come in four common types: top-freezer models, bottom-freezer models, side-by-side models, and four-door models. When you’re ready to purchase a new refrigerator, here are some options you should consider.

Top-Freezer Models

Top-freezer refrigerators are the most popular and most common, and tend to be the least expensive type of refrigerator. These traditional models feature their freezer compartments at the top of the units, directly above the refrigeration compartments. Their simple design offers practicality and affordability.

Bottom-Freezer Models

As its name suggests, a bottom-freezer refrigerator features its freezer compartment at the bottom of the unit and its refrigeration compartment directly above. Having the freezer compartment at eye-level makes it much more convenient because items are within easy reach. These models tend to be larger than top-freezer ones.

Side-by-Side Models

Side-by-side refrigerators feature side-by-side freezer and refrigeration compartments. The compartments are identical in size, which means there’s less refrigeration space than other models.

Four-Door Models

These refrigerators are perfect for larger kitchens and can accommodate large families.

They feature French-door-style tops, a center door, a bottom freezer, and multiple compartments that can keep groceries fresher longer.

Refrigerator Features and Functions

If you’re willing to spend the money, you can customize your refrigerator to suit your design aesthetic, which means they can be painted in an array of dazzling colors. Refrigerator features available to you include extra storage capacity and larger compartments, accurate humidity control, advanced lighting options, water and ice dispensers, blast chillers, and door alarms. Fridges these days can also be rather high-tech, offering Wi-Fi connectibility and nifty touchscreen controls.

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