Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cooktop Appliance

When you’re in the market for a new cooktop , you need to consider several factors before you head to your local home appliance store. If you love to cook and have the kitchen space and the budget, you should forego the standard four-burner cooktop and oven combo. Instead, go all out and buy a large, standalone cooktop with separate, dual wall ovens. Here are some more factors to consider when choosing a new cooktop appliance for your home.

Electric or Gas Cooktop

Electric and gas cooktops are both great appliances to cook with, each offering their own set of advantages. Most often, the choice between an electric and gas appliance is determined by which fuel source your kitchen is currently has. If you’re renovating your kitchen and are in the position to add a gas line where there didn’t used to be one, your choice is then dictated by your preference. People who really love to cook, as well as professional chefs, prefer gas burners because they offer better heat control. Some high-end electric models offer induction cooking and state-of-the-art technology that can boil water in mere seconds.

Style of Burners

Standard cooktops, which tend to be the least expensive, can feature two or four burners depending on size. These appliances are as basic as they come, and can either be hooked up to an electrical outlet or a gas line. From there, cooktops can get fairly elaborate and advanced. Fancy gas models may come with seamless grates that span across high-powered burners to create a level cooking surface. Upscale electric cooktops ditch the coil-style burners in favor of an easy-to-clean glass top and induction surface.

Cooking Controls

Gas-fueled cooktops always have knob controls as a characteristic. Electric cooktops can either have physical knobs or a digital control panel. Depending on your preferences and your design sensibilities, you may find that cooking controls play a big role in your decision.

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