Should You Choose a Range or a Cooktop for Your Kitchen?

When you visit your local home appliance store to check out new home appliances for your kitchen, you might find yourself trying to decide between a range and a cooktop. Both ranges and cooktops have pros and cons depending upon your budget, kitchen space, lifestyle, and cooking needs. Here are some facts to take into consideration when trying to decide between these two home appliances.

How Much Counter Space and Wall Space Do You Have?

You can easily decide between a range and cooktop based upon how much counter and wall space your kitchen has. A range typically requires 30 to 60 inches of counter space, while a cooktop necessitates about 30 to 42 inches. You’ll gain additional cabinet space below a cooktop, while a range might not leave you with many storage options. A wall oven or range also requires sufficient wall space.

What is Your Cooking Style?

If you rarely use an oven and require a lot of counter space for other home appliances, you should opt for a cooktop. If you cook and bake frequently, or if more than one person typically uses the kitchen at once, you’ll benefit from the extra features and cooking space provided by a cooktop combined with a wall oven or range. Cooktops offer more flexibility with regards to burner style, size, and options. Wall ovens offer easier and safer access to hot, heavy dishes.

What is Your Home Appliance Budget?

When planning your home appliance budget, you need to factor in both the cost of the range or cooktop, and the installation. Ranges are often less expensive, and easier to install than cooktops. Cooktops often have less expensive maintenance and replacement options.

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Polishing Your New Stainless Steel Appliances

When you make the investment in new stainless steel home appliances from a home appliance store, you want to do what you can to maintain their beauty and lifespan. You can clean and polish your stainless steel home appliances regularly to maintain their luster and shine.

Watch this video for some great tips on cleaning and polishing stainless steel home appliances. You can purchase effective stainless steel cleansers and polishers and your local home appliance store.

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Get Ready for Spring With These BBQ Shopping Tips

The spring is the perfect time to begin shopping for BBQs and grilling supplies at your local home appliance store . As the weather gets nicer, you want to be prepared to entertain friends and family with your expert home BBQ and grilling techniques. Here are some BBQ shopping tips that will help you get ready for spring and summer grilling.

Determine if You Want a Charcoal or Gas Grill

The first choice you must make is whether you want a charcoal or gas grill. Gas grills are often more expensive, but charcoal BBQs require more time to heat up. Many people prefer the taste of food cooked on a charcoal BBQ, and a chimney starter allows you to start grilling sooner. Gas grills provide more regulated, even temperatures, and some models allow you to cook food on burners at different temperatures.

Consider Various BBQ Features and Options

BBQs with lids or hoods are more versatile than open grills. It’s easier to control the heat, and you’ll have better success cooking meat to the proper temperature. Many gas grills offer useful features, like multiple burners, larger grilling space, and additional food prep and storage space. You should also consider the size of your BBQ. If you plan on cooking large meals, you’ll appreciate having a larger gas grill. If you will only use your BBQ occasionally, you can opt for a smaller one that is also easier to store when not in use.

Compare Prices Between Different Models and Brands

Before making a final decision, visit your local appliance store and compare prices between different BBQ models and brands. You should also compare customer ratings and reviews, and consider maintenance requirements and repair costs.

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A Look at the Friedmans Appliance Mission

When you visit a home appliance store to begin shopping for new appliances, you deserve to be treated with respect. Whether you are looking for refrigeration & freezers or searching for a different type of appliance, you should get access to the kind of customer service that is standard at Friedmans Appliance.

When you walk into our home appliance store, we will begin by listening closely to your needs and will then do our absolute best to meet them. From offering you fair prices on our ranges, washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more to answering any questions you might have about appliances, we have made it our mission to deliver the best care to our customers. We also provide a supportive environment to our employees that gives them the chance to succeed within our company.

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Knowing When to Replace Your Washing Machine

If your washing machine isn’t working as well as it used to, you might be thinking about trying to get it repaired. However, repairing your washing machine might not be the best option for you. It will likely cost you a significant amount of money to repair it, so it might make more sense to head to the home appliance store to pick out a new one. By checking out the newest washers , you will quickly see why replacing your washing machines might be better than repairing your old one. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time for a new washer.

Your washing machine is old.

Washers are only designed to last about ten years, which means that if your washing machine has lasted you for a decade or more, you should probably prepare to replace it soon. Repairing it may delay the inevitable, but you are going to need a new washer sooner rather than later. You should visit the home appliance store to check out the newer models that are out there and to see which one you might like to buy when your current washer gives out on you.

Your washing machine wastes too much water.

If your washer is more than a decade old, it likely uses way more water than today’s washing machines use. As a result of this, you could actually save money by purchasing a new washer rather than using your old one. Newer washing machines are also more energy-efficient than older ones, which is why upgrading your washer might be beneficial for you.

Your washing machine needs expensive repair services.

In some cases, fixing an old washing machine can be almost as expensive as buying a new one. Before you approve a company to fix your washer, take a look at how affordable washing machines are today. You might find that it’s a better financial decision to replace your washer.

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