Recent Refrigeration Advances from Sub-Zero

If it’s been a few years since you last shopped for a new refrigerator, walking into the refrigeration section of your local appliance store in Pleasant Hill might be like walking into a space ship. In fact, the technology inside today’s leading refrigerators might actual rival that of interplanetary spacecraft—if they exist, that is. But refrigerators by Sub-Zero do exist, and the technology inside them are revolutionizing the way people think about their home appliances. Here’s a closer look at just a few of the recent advances in refrigeration by Sub-Zero.

Dual Refrigeration

Sub-Zero pioneered dual refrigeration technology, and has perfected it over the years. Separate compressors and cooling systems for the fridge and freezer keeps cool, moist air on one side and frigid, dry air on the other for optimum food preservation conditions on each side.

Anti-Microbial Air Purification System

Sub-Zero’s built-in anti-microbial air purification system is based on technology developed by NASA—see what we mean about spaceships? This system scrubs the air inside the appliance of mold, viruses, bacteria, and ethylene every 20 minutes to maintain the most sanitary conditions inside the fridge and freezer.

Microprocessor Control

Each built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator is controlled by a state-of-the-art microprocessor that continuously monitors each section for pinpoint climate control. This ensures that foods are kept at their ideal temperature. The microprocessor also tells you if the fridge or freezer door is left ajar and allows you to fine-tune the lighting and cooling fan inside the refrigerator.

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