Signs That You May Need a New Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is among the most important appliances in your kitchen. With the help of refrigerators & freezers, we are able to keep our perishable foods fresh and ready for consumption. Over time, however, even the highest quality refrigerators will experience natural wear and tear. In the event that you notice that your refrigerator is having trouble, you will want to visit an appliance store serving Pleasant Hill right away. Here is a closer look at some of the top signs that you may need a new refrigerator.

Excessive Moisture

One of the top signs that you may need a new refrigerator is when your unit begins to form excessive moisture. When a refrigerator is in proper working condition, it will not show any signs of moisture or condensation when it is in operation. By contrast, a failing refrigeration unit may develop condensation at a rapid rate.

Noticeable Heat

In the event that your refrigerator is about to go out, you may begin to notice heat coming from the exterior of your unit. A refrigerator’s condenser coils may begin to overheat when they are working too hard to keep the inside of the unit cold. Once you find that your refrigerator is hot to the touch, it is certainly time to start shopping for a new unit.

Spoiled Food

Finally, you should also look at the quality of your refrigerated food when you are deciding whether it is time to start shopping for a new refrigerator. If you find that your refrigerated foods start to spoil right after they have been put in the refrigerator, this is a sure sign that you are ready to consider replacing your unit.

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