The Three Pillars of Refrigerated Freshness

Sub Zero appliances are at the forefront of innovation for refrigeration & freezers. When you visit an appliance store serving Pleasant Hill, you will be able to learn detailed information about the benefits of choosing Sub Zero refrigerators for your kitchen. One of the hallmarks of the Sub Zero refrigeration process is their three pillars of refrigerated freshness. By controlling the temperature, humidity, and purity of refrigerated air, Sub Zero refrigerators are able to keep your food fresher. To learn more about the three pillars of freshness in Sub Zero appliances, check out this video from Sub-Zero and Wolf.

With advanced appliances from Sub Zero , you will be able to keep your food fresh for longer than you thought to be possible. At Friedmans Appliance of Pleasant Hill, we can help you choose the perfect unit for your needs. Call us at (925) 808-2950 to learn more about our current Sub Zero inventory.

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