Tips for Extending the Life of Your Appliances

Whether you are renovating your home, or are planning on moving into a brand new property, purchasing new appliances can be a big investment. With help from your local appliance store, you can get a great deal on quality appliances that are built to last. To receive the best return on your investment, it is crucial that you take all of the steps that are needed to care for your appliances throughout the years. Here is a look at some handy tips that will help you extend the life of your appliances.


The refrigerator is at the heart and soul of your kitchen’s food storage. In order to keep your refrigerator up and running for as long as possible, it is important to avoid overcrowding your appliance with too many food items. When your refrigerator gets overfilled, its internal compressor will have to work even harder to keep your food cold.


Your dishwasher will require some basic care in order to remain functional for years in the future. To help your dishwasher operate more efficiently, you will want to clear any food scraps that may collect within its interior parts. If you tend to wash your dishes on the hot cycle, you can save energy by running hot water from your sink before you start up your appliance.


In order to make sure that your stove lasts for its full lifespan, you will want to clean your unit regularly. Food scraps and other forms of debris can easily build up in the burners on the top of your cooking range. Cleaning off grime and cooking residue will help prevent maintenance issues in your stove.

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