Maintaining Your Smooth-Surface Cooktop

A nice, sleek cooktop might fit right into your kitchen design. Cooktops won’t keep themselves looking just like they did in the appliance store, so you’ll have to do a little maintenance if you want to keep benefiting from your investment. Continue reading to pick up some tips for maintaining your smooth-surface cooktop.

It’s easy to let your smooth-surface cooktop get dirty, especially if you have a busy kitchen. You can avoid falling into this trap by cleaning up as you go. As soon as you’ve finished cooking and your cooktop has cooled down, clean up any debris or spills that might’ve happened. Keep in mind that different types of cleaners are appropriate for different kinds of cooktops, but it’s a good idea to stick to natural cleaners rather than harsh chemicals. Don’t clean your cooktop any more aggressively than you need to—trying too hard to remove stubborn buildup may result in damage to your investment.

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