Troubleshooting Temperature Issues with Your Refrigerator

Refrigeration and freezers are essential in most households, keeping foods cold and fresher for longer. However, when the temperature of these appliances is too warm or too cool, food can freeze or go bad and lead to frustration and food waste. Read on to learn some solutions for refrigerator temperature issues.

Too Active

When your refrigerator cycles more often than it should, this can lead to spoiled and frozen food. There are 2 common causes of too frequent cycling. The first, which is buildup around the condenser coils, is common in dusty environments and homes with pets. Cleaning away the debris using a vacuum and cloth can often solve the issue. The second common cause is a low temperature setting. Ideally, your refrigerator should be set between 37ºF and 40ºF.

Too Warm

If your refrigerator is running but isn’t cold enough, then there are several potential causes for you to rule out. First, be certain that the light is turning off as you close the door. Next, ensure that the door is closing completely and has a tight seal without any torn gaskets. Now, examine the refrigerator’s evaporator fan, which is the part of the appliance that blows cold air, to be sure that it’s functioning. Then, move on to the condenser tubing and check to see if the motor and fan are working properly and that the condenser coils aren’t covered in dust. Finally, determine if the evaporator coils in the freezer section of the appliance are covered with frost, which can prevent the flow of cold air.

Too Cold

Have you noticed that your refrigerator runs continuously or that your items end up frozen no matter the appliance’s temperature settings? If so, then you may be dealing with a broken thermostat. To determine if this is the problem, consult your refrigerator’s manual for instructions or contact an appliance technician.

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