Easy Ways to Organize Your New Chest Freezer

If your current freezer is completely filled with items, you may want to create storage freezer space by purchasing a chest freezer . After you bring your new chest freezer home from the appliance store, you will need to create an organizational plan that will help you to keep track of all of your frozen items. Read on for an overview of three simple tricks that can help you to keep your new chest freezer organized.

Create a Freezer Inventory

Since your chest freezer will be larger than a standard freezer, you will have the capability to store many different items. To prevent your various frozen goods from getting lost in the mix, consider creating a freezer inventory. Before you place an item in the freezer, write it down on your inventory and note the date that it was frozen.

Use Storage Bins

A chest freezer can become very messy and disorganized if it is filled with small boxes, bags, and other food items. Standard storage bins can help you to keep your various frozen items neatly organized in your space. Once you have purchased your storage bins, take the time to label them with their contents. A clear labeling system can help you to identify each bin, as soon as you open your chest freezer.

Designate Freezer Sections

Another way to keep your chest freezer organized is to designate different sections for various food groups. For example, you can create sections for your meats, fruits and vegetables, and frozen desserts. When you open up your chest freezer, your designated sections will make it easy to find and grab the item that you are seeking.

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