Smart Hacks for a Tidy Fridge

One home appliance that is notoriously difficult to keep tidy is your refrigerator. If you’re constantly throwing away food that has gone bad because you couldn’t even see it in your fridge, or if opening the refrigerator door is becoming more and more stressful, it’s time to take stock of your organization. These strategies will help you corral the chaos in your fridge once and for all.

Add a Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are commonly found in cupboards or pantries, but they are equally useful in your refrigerator. Place one inside and use it to store all of your condiments. Doing so will free up space for storing other things while keeping all of your condiments in a single, easy-to-access location. With a spin of your lazy Susan, you’ll know exactly what you have and be able to put your hands on it easily.

Use Drawer Dividers

Don’t limit drawer dividers to your silverware drawer. Place dividers into the drawers of your refrigerator, including your produce drawers and dairy drawers. Then, use the dividers to keep your food separated and organized. With dividers, you’ll always be able to see what kinds of cheeses you have on hand or all of the different types of vegetables you can grab easily for dinner. Get adjustable dividers so you can change them up to match your drawers and the food you have.

Consider Your Containers

Containers are a great way to store leftovers as well as snack items, like celery sticks, but using the right container for the job goes a long way. Don’t use containers that are too large for your fridge, so you don’t take up precious space. It’s better to split food into more than one smaller container that can be stacked instead of an oversized container that takes up your whole shelf.

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