Gas vs. Electric Dryers: Know Your Options

If you’re planning a trip to your local home appliance store to look for a new dryer , then one of the first things that you will need to decide regarding your purchase is whether to choose a gas or electric appliance. Keep reading to discover a few things you should know about these 2 options.

Installation Needs

All gas-powered dryers must be vented to the outside of your home, and they also require a dedicated gas line. On the other hand, you can find electric dryers that do not need to be vented to the outside, and these appliances only require electrical power, not a gas line.

Drying Speed

A gas-powered dryer will be able to heat up and dry clothing faster than an electric-powered one. This means that gas dryers can be more time and energy-efficient than electric ones. Also, because they dry clothing in a shorter amount of time, gas-powered dryers may take less of a toll on your fabrics.

Initial Costs

While the costs for gas and electric dryers can be comparable, electric-powered ones tend to be more affordable than gas-powered ones.

Operational Costs

Gas-powered dryers typically cost less to operate than electric-powered ones, but this factor will be impacted by the cost of gas in your area.

Final Comparison

If you’re hoping to save money in the long term and if gas is affordable in your area, then paying a bit more upfront and choosing a gas-powered dryer for your home may be the best option. However, if you do not have a dedicated gas line available, then the cost of having one professionally installed may outweigh the benefits of choosing a gas model. Lastly, if you are unable to vent your dryer to the outside, then your only option is to choose a ventless electric dryer.

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