Spotlight on Gaggenau Freezer Columns

Every refrigerator needs a good freezer column, and marrying these home appliances has never been easier thanks to Gaggenau freezer columns. Gaggenau’s freezer columns keep your food fresh without wasting energy, and they’ll fit right in with your design scheme. If you’re in need of an appliance upgrade, read on as we put the spotlight on Gaggenau freezer columns.

It’s annoying and inconvenient when you take something out of the freezer just to find that it’s completely frostbitten. You’ll never have that problem with Gaggenau freezer columns. The Vario freezer’s fast freezing keeps your frozen foods fresh, and three of the four shelves are adjustable, so you can fit everything you need inside with ease. The ice dispenser is capable of creating pounds and pounds of ice, so you’re always ready to refill your glass. The Vario freezer columns come in 18, 24, and 30-inch widths, and they all come with digital temperature display.

If you’re thinking about getting a Gaggenau freezer column for yourself, call Friedmans Appliance at (925) 808-2950. You can count on us for quality freezers and refrigerators in Pleasant Hill. Visit our home appliance store’s website for a closer look at our products.

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