• How to Light Charcoal

    When you pick up a charcoal grill from the appliance store , take the time to learn how to use it properly. You can’t do much with your grill if you can’t light it, and there are a couple of ways you can do it. Read on for a quick look at how to light charcoal.

    It’s easy to light a charcoal grill, and you don’t even need to have lighter fluid to get the grill going. Take paper scraps and bunch them up in the charcoal grate. Create a pyramid over the paper using your coals, and then light the paper on fire. The flame will slowly cause the charcoal to catch fire and light up your grill. Some people use a paper towel or cotton rag soaked in cooking oil to craft a clean burning wick out of household supplies.

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  • Reasons Your Dishwasher Isn’t Getting Your Dishes Clean

    It’s frustrating when your appliances fail on you, especially if you maintain them properly. Sometimes it’s not a matter of how you maintain your appliances or how long you’ve had them, but the way you use them that affects their efficiency. Here are a few reasons your dishwasher might not be getting your dishes clean .

    Too Much Pre-Rinsing

    You might think that it’s best to clean your dishes as much as possible before putting them into the dishwasher, but this is wasteful. Modern appliances should be efficient, and your dishwasher’s detergent will focus on attacking food debris. Without food debris, the detergent may cloud up the glasses. Even using too much dishwashing detergent can be wasteful and counterproductive, so stop and think about the way you use your appliances if they don’t appear to be functioning properly.

    Hard Water

    The amount of minerals in your water determines whether it’s hard or soft. Soft water tastes better and is more efficient, while hard water, which contains too much magnesium and calcium, can cause problems for your appliances. Hard water leaves scale buildup on your glasses and silverware and requires more detergent or cleaner to get the job done. If you have hard water in your home, you should look into a water softener. This will leave your dishes cleaner and improve the efficiency of your dishwasher, so your glassware looks sparklingly clean after each cycle.

    Improper Filling

    Before you buy a new dishwasher, think about the way you fill it. The way you position your dishes affects the dishwasher’s ability to clean them. Don’t leave bowls or glasses upright in the rack and ensure the spray arm is able to rotate.

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  • Get Your Caffeine Fix with This GE Café Series Refrigerator

    A single trip to the appliance store can transform your home and the way you use it. Adding new appliances to your kitchen adds to your home design and makes life easier. Watch this video on the GE Café Series refrigerator.

    If you need a coffee fix to get the day going, the GE Café Series refrigerator is perfect for your kitchen. Thanks to its partnership with Keurig, GE’s fridge lets you create the perfect cup of coffee every day. Just choose your K-cup pack, put it in the brewer and place it in the dispenser, and choose the size. Then turn the knob counterclockwise and wait for the cup to fill.

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